Three points….

Awkward Silence: When there is a lot to be said…but you decide to shut the @#$#$ up.

Antisocial: last week, we were invited to a colleague’s BD party….well, I can tell it was a pity invite…or a save face kind of thing “not so many people were willing to attend”…anywayz…it was twelevish and we were supposed to gather at the conference room.   Boss came to remind me that we gotta join the crowd, but I eloquently apologized.  He then asked if it is “an antisocial phase” that am recently going thru or what? I smiled…he left.When he came back…we had a brief talk about corporate ettiquite and stuff…fa I made it clear that there is a huge difference between  etiquette and hypocrisy…and if we are to talk etiquette…then am not the one to be blamed…I mean…you don’t invite people 15 minutes ahead of an event..then talk about corporate manners and etiquette!!  He freezed for a while…then said ok…”remember the word courtesy”?? I laughed and said “I called the guy up and showered him with the happiest and merriest BD wishes ever”…that is  

Work: things at work are pretty weird, not the same atmosphere any more.  I have been working here for six years now.  Was lucky enough to experience different positions and jobs…maybe that was the reason behind not feeling bored although it is not likely for someone like myself to stay at one place for such a long time.  Now if am asked what I wanna do career wise…I would say back to recreation/events organizing…or doing something more fun in a way..along with freelance writing..bas keda.  Ooor..or…maybe work as a reporter for NG..”yeah..right ;)”….I would volunteer to do something like this…even for one year…mmm…well no…2 years….I would go around the world…. discover new things, people, lands, ideas, and thoughts.  How interesting this could be!!!! I used to say if I have enough time and money..I would go around the world…live in each country for a couple of years…and settle in Cape Town for a longer while :D….


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  1. You don’t use the F word ?

  2. Nope

  3. The dude who said you were antisocial should really look up what it means!!

  4. “I used to say if I have enough time and money..I would go around the world…live in each country for a couple of years”

    That’s my dream.

  5. Guess people need to accept you as you are, even though you’ve a ‘three-in-one’ kind of a character!!

  6. Sou: Mesh keda bardo…I think he should 😉

    Moon: Hope we make it one day 😀

    Alaa: Happy Birthday tani…I guess so..yet not so many people are into such mood swings..mesh fahma leih ya3ni…should be fun!!!

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