May I have your attention please!!

Ok…Just got the word

The Lebanese Embassy agreed to sponsor the T-shirts initiative. I.e. to print the T-shirts in the name of the Embassy and to give us permits to collect the money in the name of the embassy. The money will then go to the Relief  Fund that the Lebanese government and the Local and International NGOs have established in Lebanon”.  So…friends and readers let me know if you are interested in getting one…the price is 30L.E. for a T-shirt.

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  1. I’m on vacation and i’ve got all the time in the world .
    If there’s anything i can do lemme know !

  2. You can always buy a T-shirt 😉
    People might be needed to stand in boothes selling T-shirts and such stuff…Interested?? if so let me I can put your name in the list.

  3. Yet Another Egyptian Bloggers Group

  4. Hi Nerro. I’d realy like 2 know more about this “stading in the booth” thing, like the system, the working hours & such stuff.. Can u help me? 🙂

  5. Sure ya gamila..I will get back to you on an email with the details and everything….bass mafish working hours awi ya3ni 🙂

  6. Tab check ur email again ya Narnoura.. na2saf 3al ez3ag ya gameel 🙂

  7. t shirts… i think that is a good idea. where can one get one?

  8. It is a good one el7amdolelah…I can meet u up anywhere and give u one. Also, they can be found during cultural events..”sawi, genina theatre, etc.”

  9. Sure please contact me with the details

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