Back to normal blogging…or not..

– It is just I felt like rambling shwaya..I’ve been doing something since morning, that I didn’t want to do ..nevertheless…am stuck doing it. It all started with me asking about the legendary cross training plan  “al ya3ni”…fa I got what I deserve..moral of the story…during extended staff should keep his/her mouth shut…

– Ay-a-yay…look who started a blog!! splendido

– In a-desperate-attempt to arrange a social gathering for colleagues and co-workers, I sent a note to everyone about the “ard el ma3ared” thingie..and how much help is needed w keda….got very positive replies…thought…wow..that’s awesome..finally there is something that we can all do without “nafsana”…great… is not a social gathering awi ya3ni..but it is something under the organization’s umbrella..on a side note…we are socially “screwed up” BIG_TIME..I mean here in the company…anywayz…back to the positive was overwhelming and stuff…except for one…who said…I don’t think I can help you in that…I was really mad at the guy..and was like..ya3ni eih…eih “that” da…that he won’t be able to help in…ghariba awi..w khalas.  Later “same day”..I started cooridinating the date and time w keda..fa to my suprise “although I shouldn’t be surprised”…everyone came up with “asl ana 3andy sha3ra” type of excuse…

– During a conversation with a friend this morning..I discovered that I have a weird inclination to ego maniacs “she called it fetish..but moi don’t think so”..I mean not like a bit arrogant…or a tad flamboyant…no…khales…EGO MANIACS.  We kinda made a list keda…and found out..that guys who were deliberately exclueded from the list…were kinda mmm…nice, ok type of guys, aaaaaaand down to earth, of course there were other things along that made them out of the list like stalking, creeping the hell out of me, liars, boring, not really into anything in the world, not smart enough, keda ya3ni…as for the guys  at the top of the list…their common factor was “they are ego maniacs”..that we said together at the same time.  On my is super challenging and motivating :)…isn’t it!! the end of the day “I get what I deserve bardo ;D”

A few days ago..I skipped work becoz I spent the night watching endless epsidoes of  the “Muppet Show”…and is a good enough reason to skip work..believe me…ask anyone who is the same age like myself..and they will confrim.

I mean..if you are still can go to work and play sick..and get less work..and a lot of money “like someone I know”..I sometimes grrrrrrrrs for that…ma 3alena…here is a nice conversation between Kermy and Ms. Piggy:

Miss Piggy: Me thinks thou doth protest too much.
Kermit: What?
Miss Piggy: Shakespeare.
Kermit: Sounds more like Bacon!!! From a ham.
Miss Piggy: How would you like a pork chop? Hi-yah! “karate thingie”
Miss Piggy: You always hurt the one you love.

Ya 7aram…

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  1. hay ya nerro.. tell me when u r going,, i am thinking isA to go on wed. morning at 12:30 keda..
    wish to meet u there 🙂

    yalla salamti… thanks for the info and TC

  2. Was there enharda ya Nerro & helped with the medicines, also the ppl in charge there r sooooo nice bgad.. ana harou7 kol youm ta2reban, so may b we can meet there 🙂

  3. Blue: I don’t think I can make it Wednesday morning 3ashan work w keda…bas for sure will be there during the weekened isa…hope I can c u there 🙂

    Nour: cool ya gamila…as I told blue..will sure go fel weekend…weekdays…depends 3al schedule ba2a :))

  4. We will go tomorrow to Ard El Ma3ared isA … even if we couldn’t make it the same time and meet there … still the feeling that we helped througout the day 🙂 , I am thinking as if we are working on shift basis.

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