Last night..and today

So…it is lunch time…and am really don’t feel like eating…but feel like doing I had my Ipod, cell phone, and money in my jeans pocket “yep…fire me ba2a”…walked…to…ROUTE 66….I heard about the place from different people but never tried it.  Found the idea appealing and so consistent with the trampy mood am going thru…I should have had my camera with..anywayz…the setting is really nice…small, simple, but real good food….haven’t had such a nice cheese burger in a loooooooong while..but the portions there are huge…I had problems having bites from the gigantic sandwich..didn’t know how to eat it aslan…anywayz…I was done in 20 minutes or so…and decided to walk back to work…3ashan weight issues w keda….the scale is heading towards 58 “freaky…freaky”….

Have a look at the new US E-passport…it is the same as the traditional passport with the addition of a small chip embedded in the back cover.  Cool…I like the idea of  E-stuff…see…now what…our best shot would be for a smaller one!!!

Eih tani…tonight I should go start looking for J’s farewell present…mmm…thinking of the # of farewell parties we had during the past six months is not really a happy thought…isn’t it?!! I mean what the hell am waiting for!! I am lost…ah…cool…J’s present…I thought of one of those crystal balls, bars, or even pyramids “although I hate giving foreigners the pharaonic type of thingies”…it is too consumed keda..and mesh 3arfa…so it is a bar, ball, or whatever else I can find..with the logo, dates, and a thank you note w khalas…I think it is gonna look cool, don’t know what I’ll end up buying…might change my mind there!! 

Nancy Easy Rogger Rogger Oscar

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  1. There is a reason why foreigners are always given ancient/ phereonic type of presents. because they do like them and that’s what we are known and distinguished for. it’s like when S went to India and got me a ceramic elephant … that was pretty much expected, I loved it though 🙂

    Nancy Easy Sugar Roger Item Nancy Alfa 😀

  2. but aren’t they kinda creepy…with all the spells stuff and keda…I feel uncomfortable around them…not the real onesies though…I love ancient locations. Ma3rafsh you don’t sound like my sister…enti mesh 3arfani ya benti…remember the black big elephant with real hair and stuff from india “bardo”…where is it now nooni??

  3. I know you sweetie, but I wanted you to think of something that he would like …it’s not necessarily that you like it as well 😛
    Another point, it’s meant to be a souvenir, something that when he sees, he remembers Egypt. if it’s not an ancient thingy what would it be .. a miniature of Mogama3 el Ta7rir masalan 😀

  4. LOL awi…bas bardo you know my “presents” issue…which is secret…ha..ha ;))

  5. i think a miniature version of “Mogama3 el Ta7rir” inside one of those little glass dome thingies that have water and fake snow and glittery stuff that flies around when u shake it would be insanely cool 🙂

    too bad no one thought of making those here, if u ever see something like that tell me and i’ll buy it immediately 😉

  6. Lol…eih da…eshi khayal ya nas 🙂 7ader ya Mando..I sure will..da if ya3ni 😉

  7. ma3lesh i just sometimes let go of my mind and howa beyeshta7 leb3eed awy 🙂

    rich imagination ba2a, gift or curse i dunno but i wouldn’t like being any other way.

  8. 58 and “freaky…freaky”?
    Enti akeed hatganenini

  9. leih bas ya Emi 😀

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