Seriously..can’t think of a title

Weekened was generally cool…apart from Friday…it was kinda catastrophic….not really..but kind of :) was too hot…and I had to run so many errands…not only that..but had to spend a lot of time in ard el ma3ared doing nothing except waiting for that one guy who has the keys for “sala 3”..

On a side note: “mesh oltelek mesh hat2akhar ya 7oreya” 😉 only sis and wonderer would get this one…bas it is a part of yesterday…and it was super funny.

More to come after Jim’s Farewell party…I am not into work khales today…


It is 14:27, and we are over with Jim’s farewell…it was cool, he loved his presents…yeah he got 2 ;)…his team brought one, and his boss, el howa my boss as well brought him another present  “the one I bought”.

I didn’t end up bying the crystal thingie “now…am so glad I didn’t”..instead I bought one of those Onex marble chess sets.. he liked it so much…he is a hell of a chess player w keda..fa am glad eno he had something he really liked…

Sis…sis…my lovely sis…just a reminder sweety “good sisters don’t tattle on their sisters”….ha..ha!! ;)) “I am blackmailing my sis…LOL”

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  1. Ella when you write something happily and I wanna say I guess you are happy, what should I say??..I mean,when we talk to someone we say “you sound happy” and when we are seeing him\her we say “you look happy”..what if we read him\her??!!
    Anyways, just wanted to say you …… happy;)

  2. Lol ya Juka..yeah..I am happy..been a while since I felt my inner peace…which brings happiness :D..thanks sweets

  3. Always nice to see someone that happy even if you dont know them much 🙂

    i think i know where the “mesh oltelek mesh hat2akhar ya 7oreya” is from 😛

    that was a really funny part in the play 😛

  4. Yeah Mando…it is part of a play keda by M. sobhy, but there is a hidden message behind quoting this part in particular ;))…see!! Only the two I mentioned would get it 😀

  5. Yes honey, “good sisters don’t tattle on their sisters” , guess you know why now :D, because they will get themselves in trouble 😛
    About “mesh hat2a7’ar ya 7oreya” …kol 7aga leeha sabab 3elmy matez3aleesh “Al 3’adab 7amaqa ya 7oreya” 😀

  6. Girls,I am curious, aeh 7ekaiet 7orya di????????

  7. Nesrina: LOL AKTAR 7AGA 😀
    Juka: won’t be able to tell you online ;)…bas Nesrina will tell you el naharda.

  8. :)))))
    Nesreena told me, kolna 7oreya ya 7oreya:))))))

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