Tea-time is Ulker time

It is 8:23 am, am sitting in front of my PC with no intention to do anything except blogging.  I have to finish a few things up, yet don’t have the motive or energy to do them.  I kinda lost interest on what am doing.  Don’t know why though.  I am becoming more of a 8-5 employee, don’t feel like socializing, or enjoying the superficial hypocrite daily conversations avec my colleagues.  

I am done…I really don’t feel like being part of this.  Maybe John was right?? It is an antisocial phase?? Even though…I believe am better off being an antisocial rather than being a sweetie pie social charlatan. 

Note to self:

I am so over with being neutral towards insensitive/inconsiderate people.  A little bit of rudeness won’t hurt…it should though.   I need to change, I need to be stronger.  Need to play a bit hard to get.  Need to use the word ‘NO” more often.  

I am tired of being taken for granted, am done with the soft me who is no longer consistent with her surroundings.  From now on..It is my way or the high way.  Am so goddamn serious about it.


Note to readers:  

What do you think of a monthly bloggers outing!! of a different nature.  In the second weekend of every month “3ashan ab2a abadt”…we go visit an orphanage, hospital “NCI for instance”, children or women care institutes, refugees camps.  If you are interested, let’s brain storm and list down all the places/areas.  Before the visit, we call and check on what kind of stuff/donations they do need “money, food, materials, etc”…of course the common factor for all the visits is moral support, which is highly needed I think.  

If not interested but have ideas and contacts for places/institutions you are aware of, please list them down bardo.  Will start next month “September”..


I go ba2a.


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  1. I guess it might be some very small things accumulating throughout a long period of time and lead to the situation you are suffering from.

    It’s not rudeness to say no when you want to say no.

    I guess it was one of my 2005 new year objectives. Say NO when you want to say NO. I didn’t manage to do it 100% but I’ve managed to do it most of the time.

    Another thing. I hate it when anyone stars at my monitor. A few days ago I took an action. I closed the lid of my laptop and said: This is my laptop and you are NOT allowed to look like this. I repeated it until he stopped giving excuses. Maybe the way wasn’t good but it made a difference.

    You might not have this particular situation but you get what I mean 😉

    I guess I’m in if you are planning to have an outing if I’m allowed to be in 🙂

  2. Probably ya Mo…7agat metaccumleta 3ala ba3d..
    I hate when people stares at my computer..and by people here i mean “boss”. You think I can do the same?? I got what u mean tab3an.
    As for no…I am determined to use the word more often..I know I might go out of my way for certain people..bas I will do my best.
    Eih allowed di?? you are in tab3an 😀

  3. Well. If he’s starring at your personal things then You can minimize all windows. Tab3an it differs when he asks you a question like “what is this ?” for example. I have a solution but I can’t say whether it’s right or not because I don’t think I have this problem!!

    But I think I’d answer in a – somehow – strict way.

  4. Nermeena, U know what, I have to start saying “NO” too, was always think of this but ur post made me think of it seriously, we have to say our NOs and stop being that a sweetie pie..hey, people eat pies, they not appreciate the pie for being a pie!!..3aaaaa, am feeling savage, I can hit anyone now..ur post made a differents:)
    About starring in monitors ba2a, khalas, I’ve got used of it, miminize the window is the best I can do..but not anymore

  5. Forgot, Bout the outting idea, it’s the best..Thanks for the idea and thanks for sharing it.

  6. Juka..eih el ro3b da :D…bas begad we need to get used to the word.
    For a reason you and Nesrina are automatically included in the outing plan “LOL”

  7. YAY, I am included …

  8. Goes without saying ya Saweetie 🙂

  9. LOL.. so, it’s not only me who have that problem of people staring at my monitor..

    Concerning the outing, I’m interested. However, not sure if I’m good at that moral support issue or not. I guess I should try.

  10. yeah…you should ya Moon :D…I believe you can do abnoxiously well when it comes to moral support…you are a wonderful person aslan

  11. You got to say No when you really feel “No”.
    Don’t ever push yourself to do/say something you don not feel. Indeed!

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