Evasive Maneuver

Tuesday 29 Aug, @ 6:00

Drove mom to the airport, and enjoyed an early ride around Helio…it was awesome actually as the sun never rises these days before 6:15 or something…fa it was pretty inspiring ride….was afraid of getting emotional as I hate goodbyes w keda..bas cool..things went pretty smooth.

Happy Thought, @ 6:45

For once I had the chance to have a quick look at the newspaper before I go to work, isn’t it really depressing thing to start the day with!! I mean there’s absolutely nothing positive going on anywhere in the world…. reading a paper brought back a childhood fantasy. Starting my own paper which offers nothing but good news everyday…”The Positive Heliopolis Tribune”. … ‘No civil war anywhere in the world, big article. ‘not a single car accident during the last 2 years’, front-page news. Kittens, how cute are they?” In-depth exposé. And the subscription is free. Delirious!!!

Yesterday and Today:

Sis cooked for us on Tuesday, I cooked yesterday and by publicly stating this I am dispelling all the “Nerro can’t cook” myth..coz I cooked the best pasta ever. Now I hope sis and dad would quit harassing me ba2a…. Dad claimed eno he is gonna cook today…which practically means that he is gonna order something :D.

Am kinda hibernating keda these days…had things to finish and a sort of preparing for the next book discussion and stuff…


I loved the way “Next Stop Wonderland” the movie addressed the concept of “loneliness”…it sort of confirms that being alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lonely. You could be surrounded by lots of people yet feel lonely, however, you can be alone and enjoy different things and aspects of life. I also loved how they utilized Emerson’s quote “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”…

For sale:

I am putting out my red Daweoo Matiz for sale, the car is in a very good condition, AC, Radio/Cassette, eih tany…tab3an the lucky new owner of my red baby is gonna be privileged with the honor of driving a “once was” a possession of mine…if interested contact me offffff… BLOG!!

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  1. no car can match the Matiz, it is one of a kind. with abit of luck it could have replaced the VW beatels.

    i am out hunting for a new car as well, what will u replace it with?

  2. The Matiz is really cool…I love mine awi. I think am gonna go for Hyundai Accent ISA.

  3. I wanna get a mini-Cooper 😦

  4. For sale? w tehon 3lieki? 😦

  5. enti 3arfa ana ba7ebaha ad eih ya Ems…bas soghayara 3ala mashawiri 😦

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