Movie and dilemma

It is a wonderful morning, it is getting cooler in Cairo, not all day long tab3an, but early mornings, and @ night…

– Been to “The Lake House” yesterday, and was actually so massively determined to write a huge post about it…but am too lazy/busy to write it this morning…fa to cut the story short it is an amazing movie…more about connection, communication, waiting, and ownership. Sandra Bullock is a lonely doctor who once resided in an unusual lakeside house begins exchanging letters with “Reeves” the house newest resident, a frustrated architect whose father originally built the lake house. They both discovered that they live 2 years away from each other, however, They decided to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it’s too late. One thing you have to put in mind while watching is that it is a “MOVIE”.

Favourite Quotes:

“She’s more real to me than anything I’ve ever known”

“Even though this is clearly impossible, it’s amazing”

“One man I can never meet. Him, I would like to give my whole heart to”

“He could build a house. But he couldn’t build a home”

– On a separate work related note…I am in a middle of a big dilemma…and I really don’t know what to do. A couple of days of the guys asked me to do him a favor and scan something for him…I willingly scanned this “thing” for him. That thing ba2a is a job offer…I know it is none of my business, and yes it is good for him and all, but knowing that he submitted a leave request for a month without pay…to go and check the new thing tab3an..then resign keda without giving prior notice and stuff is what making me feel uncomfortable.
The guy works in a very special project, “he is one of 110 Egyptians who knows how to deal with a certain system keda” and with him leaving suddenly, we will get screwed big time.
Now what….should I tell my boss…honestly, I feel it is my duty to tell him, given the traumatic repercussions of the guy’s unexpected resignation!!
But what if it was an ambush, he did it before by the way. Mesh 3arfa..bas I think it is not..I’ve seen the offer..and it is pretty tempting!!!

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  1. Ouch thats a tough dilemma, but then again you’ve got nothing to be blamed for if you actually did go and tell your boss.

    afterall he didnt tell you not to mention this to anyone, besides if he was careless enough to scan something in his old workplace for a new job then he kinda was asking for it.

    i dont know…. am i too mean ??
    i dunno how well you know the guy, is he like a friend or just someone you know at work but not necessarily a friend??

    also you need to ask yourself this, even if you told your boss about it, will it really make a difference or will he still leave ?? if it wont make a difference then i guess there is no point in telling.

    sort your priorities…

    PS. sometimes i’m too practical in my decisions which kinda makes me seem too coldhearted or mean… did this comment make me seem so ???

  2. Oh i forgot to say something !!
    I just checked your photos gallery and its absolutely amazing 🙂
    you’re very good with a camera i guess, a friend of mine has been teaching me photography (she works as a professional photographer for a fashion mag) this summer and i started to take some pics but you’re on a totally different level.

    way to go girl 🙂

  3. Ethically, I should tell tab3an, bas socially I shouldn’t. The guy is an office mate and reports to my boss…he works in a very sensitive project and noone else can run his project as effeciently.
    I think he showed me the offer intentionally, he is sort of did this before with others, in order to have a better “please stay” offer from our direction..and it worked. The only difference telling the boss would make is to look for a replacement while he is around..mesh yesebna w no2a3.
    Coldhearted/mean?!! no..I mean..I think the same way..and I know am not mean :D…am the sweetest person ever aslan :P…there is nothing wrong with a person being practical i think…
    Thanks for your nice compliment re. my an amateur lessa babtedy ya3ni…is ur collection accessible online??

  4. nerro! ah i got it
    its the same script as “il mare”, i remember long time when my friends told me about it, i saw it before as a korean movie loong time ago, having the same problem that happened due to the 2000 year thingie!!!

    now, unless i’d find that this story is taken from the same script, I’d declare loudly, this story is STOLEN from a korean movie !!!!!

  5. It really is ya Lasto..bas 3ala English

  6. Been wanting to go to the movie, I guess I should be going this week, else I might lose interest.

    Did I hear you ya Blue saying Korean?!! Is that true. I guess the Korean version would be better then.

    Nerro, I guess you should tell you boss, though trying to put myself in your place, I wouldn’t have done it. Don’t know.. it’s confusing!

  7. i’m afraid my photo collection is not much at all Nerro 🙂
    maybe i’ll upload some of them later, although i was waiting to get better so that i upload some better photos as i get better 🙂

  8. Moon: I decided to keep my mouth shut…I feel he is playing a game keda…fa I will end up being the bad guy..3ala eih??
    P.S: Blue & Moon…one day you gotta explain to me ur infatuation with the korean music, movies, series, etc….is sounds kinda unsuaual ya3ni!!

    Mando: maho u won’t get better until u publish them…and get critiqued…u will learn more…believe me

  9. if you think Blue & Moon’s infatuation with korean culture is unusual then what would u think of my infatuation with all things japanese ?? 🙂

    i can understand alot of whats being said in japanese right now from watching too much anime series and movies (got like over 120 GB of downloaded stuff), listening to alot of J-pop (jap pop music), playing jap games and the list just goes on and on 🙂

  10. Noticed the Japanesse thing in ur blog…bas thought it is a whim w hatro7 le7alha…
    Leih keda ya Mando?? ya3ni…seriously you can understand the songs…wala u go for the music?? w bey2olo 3alaya “freaky..freaky”??? :DDD

  11. I’ve been waiting for the Lake House to be released since some time now. and it was delayed because of the war thing kamein. I just feel it’s what I need right now. a romantically depressing movie like that. oh well..

  12. well, it is not totally depressing ya Eve 😀

  13. well moon, unfortunatly the korean version SUX awi awi awi awi awi awi zillion times ya3ni :S

    i am laying high hopes on sandra
    bas the problem, i already know the ending NOW !!!

  14. no i can actually understand what they say …. well not all of it to be honest but a good amount of it 🙂 especially if its a slow song or if they’re talking slowly

  15. Blue, za3lteeny 😦

    I was having high hopes on the Korean version after I was dissapointed by Sandra and Reeves.

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