Ok……..and what’s going on in my life?!!!

Well, a lot of things, yet can’t keep track of everything….I am planning to take a break sometime around Sept, 20 till the beginning of Oct….well, actually I will be out and about…fa thought it is a good time to recharge and dump some of my regular “to do” stuff.


Boss presented my new PD to his boss..and supposedly something good will happen in the next few days!!! Am trying to be optimistic as much as I can, I mean…come on…. given my history with the HR Manager, don’t think he will let it go…it is a huge step…and will probably piss off a lot of people, so I think he is gonna use this point.  I guess he never got over my transfer request when I first worked with him.  Mmmmmmm…I shouldn’t mention a lot of things about this one anywayz…

Writing workshop started yesterday, it is in Arabic and should last for like six months…the outcome of this workshop will be published ba2a w 7arakat.  How do I feel about it!!!! I am not sure…have my concerns yet it is still too early to judge…

Pizza & Frapuccino, odd/unusual!!!!  what about Koshari & Frapuccino!!

We had so much fun yesterday….my pizza and Frapuccino dream was totally demolished, however, for a nicer one.  We didn’t sit on one of the regular corniche benches….we actually have been introduced to a heavenly place -due thanks to Hossam- “mashtal” directly on the Nile…where you can sit on the grass contemplate, enjoy the sunset, see the little tiny fish beyba2lelo in the water…I don’t know exactly what they were doing…but being surrounded with nothing but pure nature and an amazing company was spectacular.  As for the food ba2a..fa the pizza has been replaced with Koshari, but the Frapuccino was there, not in its regular form tab3an, coz by the time I started drinking it was something else that I won’t be able to define even if I spent my next life time thinking about it.  

I borrowed Hossam Fakhr’s book “Wogouh New York” from Berry last night, and finished it last night bardo, it is an easy and swift read… anyone who can relate to the place…will enjoy reading the book.  Emotional and heart warming especially the last part which talks about NY after 9/11. I also loved the part in which he described the delivery of his first baby.  I cried my eyes out….but loved it.

It is 3:15 am CLT, and am listening to Lisa Loeb’s stay, I love the song, it is my favorite from the 1st year @ the faculty of arts collection…I can relate to Lisa’s songs awi…there is something about her and Norah Jones…I still can’t forget her voice urging me to go “the long way back home”….do I want to remember that!!! Now!!!!

“True or False, all is fair in love and war”

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  1. Definitely true 🙂

    hey!! u seem to be in such a peaceful and serene mood.

  2. 🙂 that’s the spirit…
    I sure am..el7amdolelah…life is pretty good…and I was writing this post 3 hours after midnight…fa it was too quite and peaceful keda…

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