“A healthy person is someone who expresses what they feel – express, not repress”

Wake up and celebrate yourself….I love when people are really content and proud with being themselves. Not in a snobbish way, but in a healthy way. Nobody is perfect, and no one will ever be, but when people realize that they need to work on themselves to reach some kind of inner peace, or to strengthen a weak part…this is sort of

What if you know there is something about you that might make someone you love or care for uncomfortable or uneasy….while you enjoy this “trait” in particular immensely!!!

Anywayz..back to the normal rambling. Mom is finally back with lots of cool stuff (presents w 7arakat)…it is so soothing to have her back home. She is so happy and spiritually stimulated, the trip was enjoyable, her only complaint was the “Egypt Air” plane, she hates flying via Egypt Air aslan, bas she had to go with this particular group, fa this was the disagreeable part.

Old car is gone khalas, reserved the new one, hopefully will get it sometime next week. Wish me luck and the best of it ISA 😀

Am staying home most of the time these days, a) for having no car, b) finishing freelance assignments, c) being physically unbalanced, apparently my system is messed up a bit…fa am taking it easy these days.

Ramadan is approaching “kol sana wento tayebeen”…people are getting ready. I love the spirit…I am not into outings during Ramadan, bas I love the friendly gatherings. I love our place Kaman during is too warm and pleasant, the only thing I don’t like about Ramadan is my working hours I work 8-3:30, which doesn’t give me enough time to sleep.

I also kinda consumed all my leave balance fa I won’t be able to take like a week or more off at the end of the month…Goddddddddd..

Happy Thought: Wonderer is gonna stay in Egypt for a while :D….way to go girlfriend, she is Away From Home now for a little while, but gonna be back soon ISA.

Siesta time 😀

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  1. Mabrouk for the new car ya Nermeena, wish you the best of it 🙂

    I don’t know why I don’t feel like Ramadan is approaching at all! I’m missing it’s spirit 😦

  2. Allah yebarek fiki ya gamila. Go out and take a nice walk keda..and u will feel the spirit in the streets. Remember ur last year’s post!! Ramadan Kareem Sweets

  3. So what car did u get ?
    if u don’t mind me asking !

  4. La2 khales..I reserved a Hyundai Accent

  5. nice

  6. Allah yebarek feek.

  7. From what you wrote you seam confused or thinking in a big Issue,I don’t know but this is what I felt. Congratulation for your new car and for the return of your mother hope she brought you some chocolate with her.
    It is weird this year there are big preparations for Ramadan every where and the streets are really crouded with people.
    I think every body is excited with it.I prefer work than vacations in ramadan but I think no one share this idea with me.

  8. Neither…nor…just contemplating a few ideas keda 🙂
    Thank you…and yep chocolate was one of the things she brought back with her…I love when she travels.
    Ramadan’s spirit is cool aslan..

  9. I am so touched with your “Happy Thought”.
    I will enjoy it insha2allah:)
    see you next week isa:)

  10. Congrats for the car ya Nerro!

  11. Wonderer: c u next week isa ya gamila 😀

    Mizo: thank you dear 😀

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