Good Morning a.k.a. saba7 el foll!!

Beautiful, Beautiful Morning.

Usually people here would go like..mornin’…morning!!..hi “with a smile”….or a super energy-less nod. But I go like GOOD/BEAUTIFUL MORN-I-N-G “loud with a tone keda if I may say”. A bit childish. But that’s the way I like to say it.   

Or if am talking to an Egyptian it is usually “saba7 el foll”….a friend once asked why saba7 el foll…normally people would say “saba7 el kheir”…el foll di baladi awi.


I laughed at this comment…and said foll is never baladi…foll is beautiful and has a magnificent smell.  Kheir is nice but honestly to me it is pretty ambiguous  

I mean…I have nothing against saba7 el kheir, it is cool, bas for me saba7 el foll has a shape, color, and smell.  It is different.  Ba3den…for someone like me who believes in “tomorrow” and here I don’t mean Thursday…coz I believe in Thursdays but unfortunately they come around eventually…I specifically mean future, mornings represents future to me..therefore they are special.


Know what?? I think it is a huge responsibility…you are transferring energy, so when you see someone the first thing in the morning, it is either you make or break his/her day.  No??

Saba7 El Foll 😀 

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  1. Sabba7 elward we elfoll we elyasmin , you are totally right I love it also with a big smile to encourage people to work happily and usually I change it from Sabba7 el foll to Good morning to Bonjour to Bonjorno “wrong spelling I know” in order not to be boring every day, but it depends on people of course with some kind of people I stick with Sabba7 el foll.

  2. Nice one on a lovely morning:) I liked the Thursday thing, it’s funny.
    Me prefer the Saba7 el Kheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeir with the long tone. I use it in different ways, check it in my new post soon!

  3. I do the bonjour thing bardo..bas in the phone..leih mesh 3arfa!! bas bonjour di beta3et el telephone 😀

  4. I like it too much, may be coz I don’t use it except when I mean it, I mean that u have to answer “saba7 el kher” so automaticlly say “saba7 el noor”, but what if u wanna say something more than just a regular answer?? it comes “saba7 el fol”, I also say “ya saba7 el good morning” or “ya saba7 el bonjour”.:)

    It’s buon giorno:)

    Nice post ya Nerro:)

    ya masa2 el fol ALL:)

  5. You know I love sab7 el fol too and I don’t care if anyone sees it as “Balady awi ya Hussien” :D, I personally like to say it except that you know I say “saba7 el FOLLA not el Foll” , and NEVER BONJOUR. I sound stupid saying anything French. So fi 7alat el ta2agnob el kobra I say Good Morning :D,my accent permits me too 😉

  6. :))))

    I wish i read that post in the morning!! actually it’s the end of the day now (working day), i’m sure it would have made a difference , ur energies were successfully transfered ;).

    I appreciate it when someone says saba7 elfol , cause i feel it’s more warm and friendly :).

  7. masa2 el foll ya Juka 😀
    Nesrina: I know the folla thing…I laugh whenever u say it.
    Raiiiiiiiiin: long time no C ya bannota…missed you ya gamila. Well, I am glad it worked out matter ba2a in the early morning or at the end of the day. Have a wonderful evening.

  8. I ditto Rain .
    There’s so much energy in this post and it’s just seeping thru … very positive !
    I usually just go for the casual ” sa3eeda ” …

  9. Sa3eeda is pretty unusaul, I mean not a lot of people would use the word. Bas it is more positive than “ahlan”.

  10. I really liked your post and I think you are right. In the morning the way you are greeted give you a vague idea that this day is just begining and some how it CAN BE BEAUTIFUL if you put your mind into it.

  11. Hossam: I really figured out ur elongated saba7 el kheeeeeeeir last night during the workshop 😀 cool awi.

    Sarah: exactly right you are 🙂

  12. Aslan ana lama ba2olha ba7es en my morning is different! I luv saying it

  13. Sba7 el fol, you have a new follower 🙂 Shoukran for making me laugh awi this morning, which happens to be Thursday, haha.

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