The Thursday Post

Smelly cat,Smelly cat,

What are they feeding you?

Why on earth am I singing Phoebe’s song since morning!!!

Smelly cat, Smelly cat,
It’s not your fault!

Grrrrrrrrrrr…knock it off ba2a.  This is not what I had in mind.  I was actually going to post my favorite verses from Streisand’s “A Woman in Love” ….see!! a totally different theme and mood…but smelly cat is the more predominant thought at the moment!!  

Okkkkkkkk???? Will try to concentrate… …this morning in my way to work I kept shuffling between two songs…Air Supply’s Goodbye….and B.S’s above mentioned song…cool!!  Won’t talk about Goodbye…3ashan it is a totally different story…kessa kbira ya3ni…I sort of lost my point again. “Disappointed face” 

I was good in the morning walahi, bas the thing is we went out for brunch…sort of our final gathering before Ramadan w keda…fa ate like a newly born gator,  we all did actually…fa am so stuffed…and I can’t think of anything except the pink PJs and my bed.  

Mmmmm…I kinda forgot what am doing here aslan!! to cut the story are my favourite verses:

Life is a moment in space,
when the dream is gone
it’s a lonelier place.
I kiss the morning goodbye,
but down inside you know
we never know why.

I am a woman in love
and I’d do anything
to get you into my world,
and hold you within.
It’s a right I defend
over and over again.
What do I do?


Things are not good….boss came a couple of days ago, and said “I lost my battle”…the Position Description battle ya3ni….we talked it..bas I didn’t like what he said, and kaman don’t want to go through out it right now…but I made it clear eno I don’t really buy “the mgmnt is appreciative” thing wel 7agat di…coz if they are…they should have changed the PD…fa cool…I am doing faces all the time, “don’t ask me why”….and don’t feel like exerting any extra effort into work. 

Creative Writing Workshop @ Kotobkhan/Last Night:

It is going very well, started to like it….last night was awesome aslan….the gathering, the energy, the writings, the talented people…we all connected in a very nice way, I loved it begad. 

Eih tani!! Ah..I finally managed to check my last article in the Art Review, and I didn’t like it at all, it is edited in a strange way, thought of writing an email asking/complaining about this massacre, but am too drained to do that now…but will sure do sometime soon. 

P.S: Wait for my Naguib Mahfouz article in Cilantro Central’s next issue.  Didn’t know I love him that much.   

Before going home, discovered that I don’t either have my contacts or my eyeglasses, fa driving in the dark from Maadi to Heliopolis was kinda Mission Impossible, Al accompanied me ya 7aram to make sure eno I won’t run over somebody in my way back home :D….  


Kol sana wento tayebeen, w Ramadan Kareem :D…. 

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  1. Wow, it seams like a busy Thursday for you, was happy to know you write articles in different reviews that is why you have a different style in writing and it is a nice way to express your opinions and feelings in various issues.
    I adore Barbra Streisand, she reminds me of old times and usually I feel I am from another time, I still live in the black and white world.
    Have a wonderful week-end, and a happy Ramadan.

  2. It has been an evetfull week…not only Thursday 😀
    I am a freelance writer ya Hicham….aw ya3ni…that what on working on right now. It is a lifetime dream…and almost coming true.
    Barbra Streisand is real moshkela…I grew up listening to her…I love her as an actress as well, isn’t she amazing.
    yaaaaaaaaah…I wish we all live in ur time…b&w is awesome…u have a nice one as well

  3. It is hilarious to see somebody’s dream coming true, one day I will edit my own book this is my dream it will be about love and life.
    Wish me luck with my dream too, about Barbra away from her acting skills , she represent the style I like in women, her beauty lies in her eyes and her shining personality not on her good looking , this what you don’t find these days so you can imagine how much I love her.
    Living in the past is an endless dream; imagine if we still have to wear Tarboush every time we go out, I think life was much funnier.

  4. Best of luck, hope ur dream come true isa 😀
    As for Streisand…I can hear you…this quote by “her” says it all. I love it aslan…a real person..mesh ay kalam.
    “I was a personality before I became a person – I am simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful, lazy and driven”.
    Life was much easier kaman i think 😀 simple life it is

  5. I Love Tanita Tikaram’s “And I Think Of You”

  6. I love this one ya Moutaz

  7. Mabrook el car 😉 gebti elli konti 3aizaha?

  8. Allah yebarek fiki ya Emi, ah elhamdolelah 😀

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