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– Ah…God, it is still 10:15….feels like I’ve been here for ages now, the day starts too early.  I got lots of things done yet mafish fayda…I always hear people say things like time flies..time flies…well, face it…it doesn’t.  I still have lots of hours to go….


– My sweet uncle, I mean sweetest uncle ever….is the coolest guy in the world.  A few weeks ago he was dining at our place.  I know he has connections w keda…fa I asked if he can find me an internship in one of the newspapers or magazines, to learn ya3ni and gain journalistic skills w 7arakat…fa said he will figure something out.  Fa last night he smsed “from Germany…ya3ni mesh 7atta estana lama yigi” and asked me to call a lady and tell her that I am the one who Ms. “name withheld” a real big name in the field talked to her about, fa this morning I called the lady, she was super nice and said eno she is working now on the issue with ET and AW…and will see which one has internships or willing to train me w keda.


– I am so missing my Cairo tours, not the ones with ptp…although they were/are always good, but the ones where I take my camera and get deliberately lost in the beautiful streets of old Cairo…man…I just love doing that. 

Will be back on track soon isa…directly after Ramadan, as this requires lots of walking w bta3. 

Note to W & N: if you wanna join you gotta wake up early, I usually go 9ish…but for you..will go 10 sharp….cool!!


– I was supposed to be out in work related trips these days, but the have been cancelled/delayed/postponed, don’t know exactly, but the thing is we complained eno this is gonna be tough especially during Ramadan going back and forth in a very limited time…fa they postponed ba2a…aw mesh 3arfa. 

– Gotta go, as I am working in a really annoying project concerning petty cash…what I have to do with petty cash?!!! Practically nothing, but hey….that’s what stupid a employee should do, work like a dog in different unrelated to your job projects, don’t get promoted and just smile and work in the next assignment.  Apparently am so frustrated, the amount of aggravation I put out while writing the above few lines amazed me, thought am over it khalas!!! Mmm..interesting!!

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  1. Can you ask your uncle to find me a partime job from 9 till 2:30 w tekoun in a place nearby mosh 3ayzeen sha7tata ya3ni:) and the salary not less than $5000? tab3an homa yetoulou:)

  2. LOL…Come on..if he was that super duper, I would have been in my bed sleeping now 😀

  3. I wish I couold say the same about time I was just saying to a friend in Ramadan I am always running to catch something , in the morning running for not beiing late then running to finish all the work in less hours then running to make some sports in Club before Iftar and after Iftar running to catch El3esha we el Tarawih and after that running to catch some time with my friends and after all that I ll fell asleap any where from running , my day is very stressed but I am planning to arrange it in the next few days so you see I would love to feel the time as you do.
    you seam borred from work this days , it is a phase that ends quickly don’t worry.

  4. Lol, actually i do believe in the “time flies” thingie, but that day was horrible at work, man..ur schedule sounds hectic…
    I am not bored from work,i am just frustrated w keda….things will be better isa…

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