These are 15 of my favourite things

Ha-Ana-Za tagged me.And here we go…Just open this link and read while listening to the music 😀 

1- Cartoons, I believe Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, and Anastasia are the best romantic movies ever.

2- Strawberry, coconut, kiwi, and chocolate shower gels and body lotions.

3- Although I am not into dessert and sugary stuff….but can’t resist my favourite creamy topped basboosa….my uncle says eno I am “baladi awi” for this one 😉

4- Home movie nights, like watching movies in dark rooms with a big bowl full of pop corn in my lap.

5- Driving around Heliopolis Friday mornings, turn on the cassette, and I’m at the top of it.

6- Thursdays

7- Romantic/Witty conversations “Witty is a must”.

8- Making up stories, things, and creatures to amuse my family/friends.

9- Making someone’s day.

10- Discovering new places around Cairo

11- Readingx2

12- Writing

13- Enjoying rainy days out.

14- Winter

15- Being pampered by someone I love.

I tag: Juka, Eve, Hicham, Mizo “know he is not gonna..but let’s give it a shot”, Wonderer, and anyone who is willing to list down some of his/her favourite things.

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  1. Thanks for taking part! It was interesting to see your choices!

  2. Nermeena,you tagged me and said at least 10 of my best things!!:))..I have nothing to say now:D

    Thanks ya gameela for tagging me, kiss:)

  3. You forgot something, the ice-cream 🙂

  4. Ha-ana-za: thanks dear for the tag 😀

    Juka: u said a lot ya Engy….I was nice reading ur favourite things.

    Em’s: I didn’t forget and u know I have a long list of favourite things…but I had to limit them to 15

  5. Althoug I need someone to explain to me the word “tag” but i thank you Nerro for tagging me 🙂 , I also noticed that reading someone’s favorite things makes you see his dreamy side of life and his inner personnality in a way tab3an but it is so much fun.

  6. tagged ya3ni…assigned to do something… it is your turn to list down 15 of your favourite things…

  7. Simply great answers and i love your template.

  8. 🙂 thank you sarah…I like it as well, bas law kan fi menha pink!!

  9. I liked your list except for the chocolate shower gels:) besara7a when I used it I felt as if I ate a chocolate bar and I forgot to wash my hands. So, I needed to take a second shower, with a real shower gel:)
    Thanks for tagging me, I’ll do my homework soon:)

  10. Nerro, where are the 15 things you don’t like to do, I waited for your list for days now but it seams you are so busy.
    Hope every thing is going ok.

  11. Wonderer: different approach…i don’t mind khales being inside a chocolate barrell aslan..covered with chocolate…and why would i need a shower after that..i will taste sweet!!

    Hicham: all is good but lots of work..and very litte energy…will do 😀

  12. Nice list nerro…i also like rainy days sooo much and chocolate shower gels and body lotions are my fab things.

  13. Lilies: “what a lovely nick name”..I love it 😀
    Rainy days are coming soon, let’s enjoy ba2a aktar 7aga.

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