I Don’t Like

Here is my list guyz 🙂

1- Don’t like Okra, can have some sauce on rice keda w khalas.
2- Don’t like fruits in general, but gotta eat them anyways, my all time favourites are Strawberries and Mango.
3- Don’t like being late for any appointment, and hate when people say let’s meet up at 5 and you know they mean 5:30 – 6.
4- Don’t like swimming in the sea, prefer swimming pools, ah…babalbat bas.
5- Don’t like the way my mouth look, tried hard the braces thing twice, but can’t get myself to do it for the third time. 
6- Don’t like the fact that I am a nervous person, inspite of all my attempts to cool it down a tad, but I can feel it inside…
7- Don’t like dogs at all, can go with cats, and love parrots.
8- Don’t like when I get real down or depressed…oh God, a disaster..”the queen of darkness”.
9- Hate break-up lame sentences…more into closures.

10- Hate the fact I once hurt a genuine wonderful person for just being the selfish me…

11- Hate running traffic department errands…yuk…yuk

12- Don’t like when someone deliberaletly ignores my feelings.  Can’t get the list to 15 points!!!

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  1. 13 – You don’t like desserts after food.
    14- You don’t like someone jump on you without knowing you first.
    15- You don’t like it when people misunderstand you.

  2. Sa7 awi tab3an ya Mo….thanks for completing the list 😀

  3. Wow ya Nerro , you are one good self critic , I respect this in you very much.
    I don’ t like doggs too and I adore cats.
    but i can’t say we share our dislikes at all but nice list any way.

  4. 16-You don’t like things to be imposed on you

  5. Only 12 points, da enti tayeba awi ya nerro. I think if I try I can hit the 20pts easily:)
    Interesting points anyway:)

  6. I share with you Mo’s 3 points:D

  7. Hicham: I think everyone should know his positives and negatives..in order to work on them ya3ni.

    7oss: Pretty much true tab3an 😀

    Wonderer: tab ma yalla develop your list.

    Juka: lol…great minds 😀

  8. :):):):)
    twelve bass ! tab wallahy enty banooota kamila … I think I can get them up to 50 maslan ! not sure but its just a thought
    Valid List ya Gamila although I disagree with the fruit thing .. I almost love all kinds of fruit

  9. lol…50!! Tab ya Dido, zay ma 2olt l wonderer, ma develop your list…am tagging you aho yalla…

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