3 hours after midnight

She’s a girl
Rising from a shell
Running to spring
It is her time it is her time
Watch her run with ribbons undone

She’s a rose in a lily’s cloak
She can hide her charms
It is her right there will be time
To chase the sun with ribbons undone

She runs like a fire does
Just picking up daises
Comes in for a landing
A pure flash of lightening
Past alice blue blossoms
You follow her laughter
And then she’ll surprise you
Arms filled with lavender

“Tori Amos’s Ribbons Undone”:


Oh my…..am extremely exhausted, both physically and mentally.  I barely sleep. Am involved in an important project keda…fa am literally losing my mind.  The good news is..am off next Sunday, which means eno I only have 4 working days before the 3eed vacation…I have a whole week off….don’t have any plans yet…but one thing I know for sure…my phone will be off and am gonna relaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. 


Re-read Bahaa Taher’s “Noqtet el Nour”…God, I refer to this novel whenever I feel a bit down keda or not in the mood….it says a lot.

Now almost half way thru 7anan El Sheikh’s “7ekayti Shar7 Ytool”….Berry recommended it, and here I am recommending it….it is such a beautiful read…too warm, sincere, and full of details. 

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  1. The feast vacation is coming and ramadan was very occupied this year and we all feel that we need some relax but I think I will travel somewhere beside the sea to really relax and forget about all the stresses.
    The Crush thing i liked when you said: I found eno it should only be a crush…nothing more…. Sometimes after going into a relation you discover such a thing and it is too late I know I am talking in another issue here but it touched me.
    Intresting books !! will see.

  2. Hicham: hope you have a nice vacation…think of something extraordinary keda.

  3. Makady Bay , do u think it is extraordinary? but without my friends . I hope it will be fine.

  4. Sounds cool awi :). bas if I may ask the “without friends” things is voluntary or Mandatory?? isa..u will have a blast..

  5. It sounds kinda wired when you said that you SMSed and e-mailed…ect, as I thought of Nicholas Cage and if I can SMS him someday, wired thought,no?!!:))

    Books,I think I gotta find a near bookshop..I need to read more..internet is not always enough.

  6. going with my fiancé’s familly 😉 so it is mandatory

  7. Nerro, your CC a.k.a. Current Crush was so nice in his first appearance in *** **** series, tell him good luck;)

  8. Juka: well, I thought it is weird bardo until it happened…the chatting thing kaman aroused my curiousity aktar ya juka..details lama ashofek. I didn’t watch the series emabare7 :)..will tell him..bas by the way we kinda started over with distance w keda.

    Hicham: enjoy “wink..wink”

  9. The Eid vacation needs a place to relax at. Alex maslan, think anout travelling.

  10. kol el amaken za7ma awi ya ems…ana 3ayza sa7ara.

  11. 3ayza Sa7ra then go to Siwa, a wonderful place unless I must go to Macadi Bay I would have been planning to go there , it will make you forget all about your world.

  12. 7atta siwa ba2et za7ma, will see all the people I don’t want to see, everybody is planning to hit siwa this eid ya Hesham. I guess i will stay in cairo, and go photo hunt in my favourite places

  13. Hey, you earased your CC link, what is the matter???!

  14. Hey, you earased your CC link, what is the matter???!

    I wanna go to Siwa too, can we arrange going there someday??

  15. Yeah I erased the link, the CC is not as cool as I thougt. He is not my CC anymore 😉
    We can always arrange for that tab3an, there is a safari group that arranges such trips, and we can do it on our own bardo.

  16. Great he is not your CC anymore, especially after watching today’s episode, he was terrible!!:D

    About Siwa ba2a, begad let’s do something, anything!!

  17. 7ader ya Juka, bossi, we can do a lot of things bas tab3an not siwa, everywhere is fully booked or over crowded. I promise I can arrange a couple of nice days out, bas es7o badri please, I will do the driving and everything, all you have to do enti w sa7betek el heya my sister, is to wake up a tad early, walahi I promise lots of fun, bas es7o..

  18. :))))
    mahy ya nerro, I promise eeny has7a bas aoly ya rab:))
    Thanks ya gameela:) xoxo

  19. This is very late I know, but I couldn’t help but mentioning that there is a secret line that go through the thoughts of geminis 🙂
    Me too I had something like what you have described about your x-CC, bas it was little later than yours, around last month ta`riban, bas it’s cool when one discovers that a CC is just a CC, no more no less, even if he is super cool.

  20. eih da with the same CC?? wala another one 😉

  21. mmm mesh 3arfa

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