Let’s Talk: Let’s take an action

I guess keda it is just about the right time to take action in regards to what happened in Down Town during the Eid, I brain stormed keda shwaya, and i came up with a couple of ideas:

1- we can organzie “Wa2fa banati” , el wa2fa teb2a samta, we all dressed in black.

2- Presentation about el entehakat starting the events of 25 May, we can present it either @ studio 206, or neqabet el sa7afeyeen.

What do you think???

So, now if you please, whoever is willing to help with the presentation, let me know and leave ur email so we can discuss our schedule.

As for the stand, ladies please let me know if interested or not, as I would like to know if it is gonna be a big thing or…this will help in deciding the place w keda. 

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  1. Wow , I was really chocked with what I saw and more chocked when I knew it happened more than once. What is going on ? and where are we going with such behavior ? It became very scarry. I would like to help in any way eventhough I feel that what is going on is because of many factors combined together and a certain culture must be changed gradually to prevent such desasters.

  2. I am in ya nerro, although…I don’t beleive that it will do anything, we will do this to attract attention, but attention of whom??!!..No one care and no one care to care!!

  3. I suggest a more “active” demonstration, where the girls in it turn the table on the guys and run after them and undress them and at the end you could all burn these clothes in a huge fire in the middle of the street.

    You could also carry on scissors and shout “7ane2ta3hoolak”.

    but enough with the joking, I’m really ashamed by what has happened and I beleive that everybody has to feel safe walking down the street… I suggest that there be some kind of professional groups where girls are taught what they can do in case of herrasement and teach them what to do in such situations cause apparently most girls are not able to deal with such vulgarities and I understand this but if its happening very often like we see now you should know what you can do! Maybe even self-defence classes. I think that now every girl has to have some kind of self defence gizmo like pepper sprays or electric shockers anything no matter how small that would turn the molester away cause after all, I don’t think that all girls are going to be locked inside!

  4. Shoft ya Hesham, enta ro7t makadi bay kam youm, wel donia et2alabet 😀 walahi el enta betekalem fi da long term plan. Hopefully isa one day this dream will come true.

    Juka: please don’t say so…we need the attention in order to bring our problems to the surface…let’s try and see, will count you in sweets 😀

    Adham: to my knowledge the self defence gizmo is not permitted here in Egypt, yet tab3an it is available and we can use it. And “all girls are gong to be locked inside” is not an option aslan, we are not gonna take it.

  5. I am on! Will spare my insights and suggestions for that forum, then. Thank you for that.

  6. Khalas join us next Thursday

  7. Never quit!

  8. Won’t

  9. count me in!!! im coming with a dozen pig emasculators (i.e farm implement used to castrate pigs) !is there anything else i can do?

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