I love working during the middle of the night when every body is sleeping.  I am writing an article now and gotta finish it tonight…am almost there..yet decided to blog as I haven’t really done any serious blogging for a while.  Oh, well, I am not in a mood for serious blogging as well….so…what shall I do now??

I bought myself a new notebook a couple of weeks ago and decided to start maintaining sort of a healthy relation with it instead of the computer…so why not pour my hand written thoughts here!!! Sounds like a winner.  The cover of my notebook has 3 inspiring sentences

Glow like a star

Shine like the sun

Love from all your heart

How cute is that, I loved it awi…anywayz…this post is basically  a collection of my thoughts, 3ala quotes, plus drafts in my cell phone.


– Do I have hidden thoughts? I like the idea of not keeping things to myself.  I just choose the best timing for revealing them.


– He was like a song I’d heard once in fragments but had been singing it in my mind ever since.


– But when the strong were too weak to hurt the weak, the weak had to be strong enough to leave.


– “In the grip of an insuperable longing to fall.  She lived in a constant state of Vertigo”.


– It is a different kind of warmth, parental without being over protective, friendly with no restraints, intimate but not nauseatingly erotic.


– Back to the land with time standstill.


– Love meant the constant expectation of a blow.


– “She knew of nothing more magnificent than going off into the unknown”.


Off with the post….doesn’t really look like a serious one 😀  Never mind… gotta go finish my article.


Good night…or morning!!!!

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  1. A notebook? You should see the notebook I use for uni! The poor thing is over stuffed with handouts and art prints! haha..

    Nice post ya Nerro 😉

  2. As usuall lovely quotes specially this one:”He was like a song I’d heard once in fragments but had been singing it in my mind ever since”.

    All my life I thought people think of me in a certain way and as a noncrtic person or a person who don’t like to be criticised i wouldn’t allow any one to do so till one day in a friend gathering I discovered the real me through the eyes of my friends and from that day I decided to beleive things that all people agree on because in a way or another it reflects something in you.

  3. Oh, I can imagine that ya Sou 😀

    Hesham: for me it is totally different…I don’t hate anything as much as I hate being judged. Friends can talk, give an advice, criticize 3al daya2. bas keda.

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