The Stand: Updates

Just came a while ago, and let me tell you, we are safe “fi ayden amina”…Amn Markazi kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer…secuirty people kteeeeeeeeeeeer.  Ya3ni seriously I was amazed!!

Anywayz, it was really good, I think we made a clear statement.  Yet my only comment eno it came out more like a political stand although it was meant to be a social one…mesh moshkela bardo.  Will talk about that later.

Remember, this was just a first step….we still have a lot of work to do.

A few photos from the stand here, and a couple of videos

I would love to thank every single person helped out or showed interest in helping out with this event and the upcoming ones. “Malek, Bent Masreya, Rebecca, mademoiselle-hh, Hend, Lesley, Blue,  Berry, Mo, Hesham and the Sandmonkey, who deserve a separate post, begad I can’t thank him enough for the effort, time, and energy he put in this stand. 

“Forgive me ma3lesh if I forgot anyone”

N “still chasing the sun”

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  1. Good luck

  2. I expected this to happen! However, I see no point in just ‘collecting’ testimonies of ‘harrassments’ done to women. I believe such testimonies should be analyzed by social workers who are practically non-existent in our daily life. If we agree that male harrassments (verbal, physical, etc) to females is a ‘phenomenon’, it’s time we got a solution for it! I feel that those people are uncovering themselves null and void!

  3. Nousha: thank you

    Alaa: I see no point kaman in waiting for the social workerers to do their job!!!! At least now we are talking about it and trying to find solutions.

  4. Hope we can get out of the bottleneck so soon!

  5. Nerro, you thanked me and I did nothing please next time give me something to help with and try me.
    I have something I noticed from the newspapers the National Media is regecting what happened and beginig to use its normal attitude about events, some government responsible announces that nothing happened that day and just people were gathering for the dancer and the movie stars but nothing happened and it is only the regection comunities that tells such stories.
    I ddin’t undeerstand why the goverment will do such a thing instead of helping to find a solution to this phenomena it neglects its presence, just wanted you to see this cause i think they will continue this neglection.

  6. […] تحديث: خالد رضا قام بتصوير لقطات للمظاهرة وتحميل الفيديو على الروابط التالية تصحيح: روابط الفيديو ومزيد من التغطية في مدونة نيررو […]

  7. Hesham: you’ve got mail..check it out 😀

  8. Media coverage:

    on the Herald Tribune:

    Angry Egyptians demonstrate to condemn reported “sexual harassment” in Cairo: daily

    And many others. I hope that the message will be delivered…

  9. Thanks Nousha for the updates 🙂

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