Sporadic Notes

It is a beautiful morning, one of those days that you shouldn’t waste in the office….isn’t there anything like an Employee day out?? how unfair….there should be!!

Anywayz…how is life treating me?

Pretty cool I can’t deny.  Grandma is getting better thanks God, work is fine, I missed my monthly article deadline, for a reason I wasn’t super excited about it aslan, I started writing it then lost interest. 

Speaking of losing interest, it is becoming more of a routine to me…believe it or not….I am losing interest in ideas, thoughts, things I used to do, people, etc. 

As a matter of fact, I haven’t been myself lately, unbalanced and perplexed for no reason…hey hey…there is a reason…come onnnnn…there are a few reasons that I know of but unfortunately don’t have enough guts to mention here….Anonymity has its bright side bardo.  

I started approaching the world from a different aspect, totally different from the one I’ve adobted throughout my life, not sure it is gonna work, but we are “TEEESTINNNG”…gotta admit that the previous approach proved an extreme incompetence with the world. However, I don’t think it is a big deal, isn’t all about trial and error!!! but one thing am sure of is that I will never give up.

Side Note (s): – Am kinda retaining  the keep your distance attitude…I used to be better off that way.

– I learned in the past few days that the more rude you are the more respect/admiration you get from the others…which means that some of us are practically DOOOOOOOOMED.

Enough with the notes ba2a!!  am organizing this pot luck thingie for the Business Dept and subordinates tomorrow, it is super cool, the guys are so excited, except 2 or 3, one of them is the Procurement Mgr’s assistant, she went like no, no, I won’t attend aslan, I leave early on Wednesdays, fa I said, tayeb u leave at 3 and we are having lunch 12 ish!!! fa she said things like I would rather cook for my kinds instead doing that in a pot luck here!!!! I went like, we could have ordered stuff, but we are talking different atmosphere, sharing, nice time together keda ya3ni..if you don’t want to cook, you can always buy the plastic utensils and napkins, or cokes if you want.  She noded negatively and gave me a face that I interepreted as discontented with my brilliant idea!! I really thought it is a very good idea ;D

Here is a good question, tomorrow isa her boss will probably bring her up…should I starve her ba2a or what?? 😀

Tab I go 3ashan my boss will kill me 😀

N xxx 

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  1. Glade your Grandma is doing better, I think of the Employee day out when I woke up i the morning and it is raining, about losing intrests it happens to me with the weather changes only.
    Your work story about the cooking day reminded me of a friend who used to refuse any going out or gathering without any reason and I think you should make her starve to learn the sharing lesson.
    Some people get afraid of gatherings and social life.

  2. The ruder you are the more respect you get?! The world works in such mysterious ways!!!!

  3. Yes honey … I hear you, it’s amazing you treat people nicely they think you are kind (tayeba we habla) and try to take advantage of you and when you treat them like Sh*t (excuse my language, I am really nervous) they behave differently and with more respect and cautiousness … why do we have to be mean. Do they know it hurts to be mean?!

  4. Misho: now we have to votes 😉

    Sou: Unfortunately, it does.

    Nesrina: no, they don’t probably

  5. It’s not really about being rude i think,personally i came up with a theory about the uncanny resemblance social life bears to war..see,there are two kinds of people,attackers and defenders..attackers are the “rude” ones with the “i don’t give a rat’s as* about you so you can either like me the way i am or you can get the heck outta my face” attitude..defenders on the other hand tend to like to be treated this way by the attackers “unlike war,in which everyone wants to be an attacker” so they like it and submit to the attacker and their inner voice of submissive wisdom says “oh you are so cool and mean” and the relationship works

    on the other hand,a relationship between two defenders ends up being cold and pointless and also a relationship between two attackers usually ends up in a power struggle,both will want to break the other and establish herself/himself as the superior part of the relationship

    so i humbly decided years ago to be an attacker and take on the social beach of Normandy by myself,and guess what!?!..sadly it works

    oh!,now is the time to throw rocks and rotten fruit at me

    Keep up the great work Nerro and thank you guys and gals for the lovely rotten tomatoes,i am making some ketchup later

  6. at the moment after dealing with the bureacratic shits at uni i trult believe being a screaming banshee is the best policy for getting stuff done.
    feenek no news on the presentation?

  7. Archangel: it sure works…
    Hebe: ma3lesh…a lot of stuff at work. We need to start working besor3a…3ashan will present @ the auc around the 25th or 26th. Will email u with the details ya gamila.

  8. Hebe: i don’t think screaming like a banshee would help for a simple reason,Egyptians lost the ability to hear high pitch sounds ages ago thanks to years and years of exposure to those sounds..it’s kinda like spending years listening to Rock music on full blast via headphones..try the good old “Don’t you know who i am you “insert an appropriate insult(s) here” ? “..oh,just make sure you are wearing shades though,they add to the effect

    crap,i forgot to write any form of greeting..maybe later

  9. Archangel: for a reason I think I’ve seen ur nickname somewhere bas I can’t really remember where. For another reason ba2a I don’t really like your tone…mesh mesteraya7a, maybe it is the sarcastic endings for ur comments!!!

  10. first of all i’d like to say hello and thank you to Nerro and everyone else,then i’d like to apologize if my sarcasm had the opposite effect..i certainly didn’t mean to offend Nerro or any of you and if someone here is offended then i sincerely apologize and promise to keep my cynicism leashed.

    and no,Nerro..i am not someone who stalks you and i have nothing to do with this other Archangel you are talking about,actually i was reading a book about demonology about a week ago and i liked the term,so..i am not your guy

    Thank you everyone,your blog rocks Nerro

  11. Archangel: glad u made things clear. you didn’t offend me khales but I just didn’t feel comfortable fa thought of checking ya3ni. Hope you didn’t mind my curiousity 😀 Thanks for your nice words 😀

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