– Am not sure if I ever mentioned this here…but since I like to the idea of rubbing it off anyways, fa here…I had my signed copy of Bahaa Taher’s new novel, lalalala ;p


Note to you: I am giving a presentation tomorrow about the recent Sexual Harassment events @ the AUC, Greek Campus @ 18:30, just in case you would like to drop by wala 7aga.


– I really like the new “Tararam” song, nothing deep bas I think its beauty lies in its extreme plainness. Nousha has the lyrics.


– Mizo my dearest friend ever 😉 told me a couple of days ago that he is kinda za3lan meni, fa we talked it and things were cool.  Yesterday, I was going to Wagih Aziz concert with friends @ the Culture Wheel, fa I text him to check if he can join w keda….then he replies eno he is going out with KS.  He gave me the name but a) I don’t know if he would like or not to disclose the identity.  b) for once ya3ni I would have a fraction of a mysterious point in my over divulged blog.  KS is a celebrity, and no he is not KS my EX-CRUSH.  This KS is younger, handsom(er), and way more sophisticated and elegant keda.  Where am I going here?? I really don’t know, I just like the idea that he knows KS, my very fertile imagination can use use this space P_R_E_T_T_Y easily 😉


– SMS:

M: “Lunch @ 12:15? Eurodeli?

N: Boss will kill me, I just came back from the Green Mill



– I forgot a very important point: a nice, easy, inspirational and must read Taranim Fi Zel Tamara by Mohamed Afifi…seriously..it is a masterpiece.

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  1. it is like a dairy this last post , I like it very much but it is hard to be commented.
    Although I think KS should change his hair look, the way he use to apear in his earlier days was much much better.

  2. I totally agree with you, you knew am talking about “KS” 3ashan you & Mizo are buddies wala it is so obvious?? 😀

  3. :):):):):):):):)
    Enjoy your Tarraram

  4. KS..KS..KS!!???..Who is KS ya nerro???..I asked guys here in work who is KS and the one they mentioned is not by anyway younger than ur ex-crush..I’m curiousssssssssssssssssssssssss…grrrrrr 😉

    I wish I can attend theevent tomorrow, I will check with nesrina keda if we can go…Good luck:)

  5. I support Hicham abou KS’s hair cut although, I am a BIG fan of KS and I can take him as he is (I am teasing you Nerro :), but you know I like him more than you do :P.

  6. Clever Nerro 🙂 no because me and mizo are friends and I know about it, you are not that obvious

  7. Dido: I am having a blast 😀
    Juka: Thanks hon…Nesrina will tell u tomorrow 😉
    Nesrina: I agree with both of you 🙂 however, it is no biggie ya3ni. Well, ya3ni eih ada7i w keda!!
    Hesham: phewwwwww…tayeb keda tamam.

  8. KS mmmmmmmmm Kareem Abdel Aziz …. no no no That is KA
    ok maybe Khaled el nabawy, no that should be KN, tayeb Ali el Kassar, no hell that is AK:(
    Hair cut, hair cut, mmmmmm
    Ah I got it:)
    Yes I hate his new look, the old hair cut was more decent and manly

  9. lol, law Mizo ze3el ha2lo he has to blame u, Hesham, and Nesrina…guyz…u made it crystal clear khalas 😀
    Ali El Kassar ya moftareya 😉

  10. *bangs his head repeatedly against a wall trying to understand* oh wait,curiousity killed the cat..oh wait again,i am not a cat..oh wait..oh wait thanks Nerro,you made me earn the title “terminally insane”

  11. i got it :D..KS=Kiefer Sutherland..*does his extremely silly victory dance then bows theatrically for the crowds*..splendid taste,Nerro..loved him in Phonebooth

  12. Oh wait, get back to the head banging against the wall. Wrong Answer ;D

  13. The curiousity was about to kill me till a colleague of mine told me who is KS, KS ya sheikha mesh konty t2oly:)
    Sure I don’t need to talk about his hair, he has a nice ….. ,oppsss, can’t make it more clear..so I shut up:)

  14. oooooooooooooooooops i said nothing wallahy but any way sorry.

  15. I liked ‘Tararam’!

    The video is cute as well 🙂

  16. Hi Nerro, I really like your diary posts :-), I wish I could do something like it but till now I’m leaving it as my scrape book…

  17. Juka: 😉
    Hesham: seriously how do you spell ur name Hesham or Hicham.
    Sou: Yeah…the video is so cute 😀
    Nousha: thanks. personally I think you have a very nice blog…Amusing and informative at the same time, I noticed that u don’t like sharing personal stuff “I mean the protected posts”..but that’s pretty much ok as long as u feel more comfortable keda :D…keep it up

  18. Hesham in English and Hicham in french and Hechkok is better but sorry I confused you

  19. It’s not that I don’t want to post personal stuff, it’s more that I decided to use the blog to upload my friends photos instead of sending them mails 🙂 (kind of an alternative to other photo sharing sites)…
    Bas I really want to gather my courage to write more intimate experiences like what you do 🙂 – chapeau

  20. Just dropping a “Hi” … 🙂

  21. Hi Back :D,long time no C

  22. hi guys who`s KS
    he maybe kirk S`hammet or kurt s`cobian

  23. KS KS KS – 3refto, ma 3reftoosh, 3refto, ma 3reftoosh!
    3arosti tayeb .. bas ghier el haircut:)

  24. taweel, w handsome 😉

  25. LOL. Lateef mawdoo3 3arosty dah. Though I have to say they’ve made it very easy. Was the concert nice?

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