“Dark as night, sweet as sin”

– This is sort of an energy(less) post, again…one of those severe mood swings…I don’t know, I mean, I can’t really complain about ANYTHING, life is practically perfect in every possible way..which doesn’t really give me enough chance to whine about things…which things?? I don’t exactly know!!

– Appraisal: for the second year in a row, am an outstanding employee (yaaaaaaaaay), what made it more special to me this year is that the criteria has changed. However, am the only employee who acquired a 5o in my department.

– Boss is leaving, and his replacement will arrive mid February.  Don’t know what is the real reason behind his unexpected resignation “it all came over the weekend”.  His replacement is a nice guy though.

– It hit me the other day while attending the IGWS forum, that I never had a cool professor not a single one during my journey throughout the Egyptian educational system.  

P.S: Cool here could be interpreted as either hot or interesting.  A.K.A a professor to have a crush on…What on earth has triggered the thought!! A cool professor ;).

– Please, please, pretttttttty please always remember that thank you and please work wonders.

-The Neil Gaiman over doze: am almost half way thru Anansi Boys, to be followed by Fragile things, and the pre-release order for The Facts in The Case of The Departure of Miss Finch has been successfully placed.  Currently listening to “Cinnamon” from this audio collection.

– My song for the week: I love you more, from Marcel Khalife’s album Peace Be With you, a beautiful song, originally a Darwish’s poem…I just love it.  Speaking of Marcel, the New CD “Takasim” is supposedly out everywhere except in

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  1. Mabrouk ya Nerro 3ala being picked as an ‘outstanding employee’ for the second consecutive time! Aywa kedda 😉 😉

  2. Thank you Sou 😀

  3. Usually we pass with this mood in the case of expecting changes in our daily routine as your boss or a goal acheivement as being the outstanding employee of the year for the second time ” 1000000000000000000000000 Mabrouk”
    and usually it goes away fast.
    About professors I think I had one coll professor in the university and she was the only one I kept attending her lectures. it is nice to read your post after a period of silence.

  4. Thanks Hesham, oh God, guyz!! u all had cool professors?? eshme3na ana la2 ;D??

  5. Mabroook ya Nerro .. homa dool el employees walla balash :):)

    Looks like the changes @ work are making you happy, I think its changing the routine fe3lan .. I am looking forward to this in the new thing you know about!! Ya Rab!

    I agree on the cool professor thing .. I have never had one as well!! :S:S I think I want to re-live my studying period!!

  6. Wishing you the best of luck in the new thing ya Dido..rabena yewafa2ak isa 😀
    wana kaman, i wanna be a student again bas someone should guarentee the cool professor thing 😉

  7. Wanted to comment on your last post but you closed comments so i will respect your wish and shut up.
    Congratulation on your self evaluation.

  8. 🙂 thanks

  9. Ah, you read Neil Gaiman, eh? Good choice, but I have to ask – are you familiar with his graphic novel work? Or just his mainstream fiction?

  10. The Sandman series in particular, but am more into the mainstream fiction.

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