Plant a Tree

Read Alif’s post on the Billion Tree Campaign and was encouraged big time to commit myself and plant a tree.  Here is the pledge form in case anyone is willing to join.  I think we need it the most.


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  1. Thank you for spreading this. As a tree lover I recommend you the great Poinciana named “Dakn El Pasha”. this is a very good tree for the city environment and it has a magic scent in spring 🙂

  2. I hope Alef could’ve elaborated more on this topic, like talking about the where? & how? !!

  3. Hossam: Tab great….is it colorful keda!! we need to talk about this in details tayeb when i see you isa :),I should plant it during the month of Feb isa..thanks 😀

    Sherif: All the details are in the website. U choose when and where, they just give u instructions. But in my opinion should be around your house so you can take good care of it.

  4. Exactly like Nerro said; the choices are all yours to make. It’s a personal commitment.

    Do me a favour: choose anything other than Ficus. I’ve come to hate this tree which is treated like the official tree by Hay2aat elNazafa & Tagmeel. I know it’s sturdy and all, but ENOUGH of this monoculture.

  5. I totally agree on the Ficus bit 🙂

  6. Yes, totally agree, it is an ever-gren tree with very dark heavy leaves which means it is an all-year-dust-carrier. people plant it out of lack of creativity and good taste or may be knowing no other choices.

  7. Thanks ya nerro and thanks to Alif too of course, I’ve just filled my form..thank you reminded me of the school time and helped me to do just a little thing for others..thank youuu!:)

  8. 7oss: masi masi 😉
    Juka: great…tab when are u gonna??

  9. I have in my life 2 lovely gardens I made them myself with the help of our gardner of course but in the end they are terrific and ne day I will post some photos of them in my blog , nice project and wish you all the best of luck.

  10. I said Feb., Nasr City Area..u??

  11. wow..that’s impressive ya Hesham…yeah..u should post photos w 7arakat.

    Sweet Juka beta3et el renga: ana Feb as well, bas will do it behind our house there is a good place for planting trees w keda.

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