Happy as I’ve never been before…happy and  that little “princess” that I am wish that this would last. 

Wish me luck 😀


Published in: on January 9, 2007 at 10:56 pm  Comments (20)  

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  1. Wee Wee :):) Nice Happy post that shows 😉 All the luck my dear cause you deserve !

  2. rabna yzedk mn na3emo kaman w kaman 🙂

    beeeeeee happyyyy

  3. 🙂
    ana mabsoutalek awy ya Nerro 🙂
    yalla keep it up.

  4. Best of luck sweetie, wish it last a little then you get more and more happy:))

  5. LUCK!!!

    Ya Rab dayman tekouni happy 😀 😀 😀

  6. Girls…you are sweet aktar 7aga…seriously 😀
    Lots of kisses

  7. Rabena yedeem this happiness, sweetie walahi you deserve all the best.

  8. Motshakereen awi ya 2otta…love u my favourite sis 😀

  9. Very happy post that brings happiness to any one who reads it so thank you , but will we ever know the reason of this sudden happiness or it is better unknown.
    Any way best of luck and wish you be always happy in your life.

  10. Thanks Hesham…am I gonna tell or not!!!mesh 3arfa..depends ya3ni 😀

  11. Ya rabb dayman ya Narnoura bgad :)))

    P.S: Dary 3la sham3etek te2eed ya banouta 😉

  12. PS: 7ader 7ader bas far7ana ya3ni 😀
    thanks ya gamila 🙂

  13. rabbena yzidek kaman w kaman (heard this frequently in egyptian movies, always wanted to say it 😛 )

  14. Good Luck.. ya rab dayman.

  15. Eve: see…u had ur chance..thanks 😀
    Inji: ya rab…thank you

  16. Sounds like the tones of LOVE. Hope you happyness for the all of your life, whatever it is.

  17. Wish you best of luck ya Nermeena.. though curiousity is killing me 😀

  18. Thanks Eyewitness 😀
    Moon: thanks ya gamila 🙂 will tell you lama terga3i bel salama isa.

  19. Hmmm… Is it what I’m thinking? LOVE?!! InshaAllah you’ll always be happy and more. Keep us updated.

  20. yep it is what u think 😀
    thanks ya gamila..I will isa

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