The Aftermath

When the strong were too weak to hurt the weak, the weak had to be strong enough to leave”…. 

Forget about the what’s and why’s at the moment, it is just we are no longer together.  It feels strange, I wish I can grant myself the right to lock my self in a room and cry my heart out, nevertheless I can’t, knowing that I will be gotten-over thru a re-bound.  There are certain things better left unsaid…


I know it is not the end of the world, I know there is will always be tomorrow and I believe in it BIG TIME, but I also know it is not a piece of cake, and it won’t be easy.. I need to admit and acknowledge it, get it out of my system to be able to move on and resume my life.  Right at this moment I don’t have enough strength or energy to do that and I am too numb to take an action.


Was watching Happy Feet last night and contemplating the thought of celebrating being one’s self. Mumble the penguin was born in a place where every penguin was born with his/her heart song, he being the result of a “bad egg” was different, he can only tap dance.  Mumble was in love with Gloria “the hottest chick” at the penguins’ empire, but of course he is not that good for her as he couldn’t sing. Gloria was in love with Mumble as well, but she didn’t have enough guts to disclose or maybe she wasn’t ready…and the movie goes on until at the end, Gloria and Mumble found out that they complete each other, and him not being able to sing but excelled in dancing saved his kind and delivered a message that wouldn’t have reached anybody.

Mmm..I sorta drift away from my main point, what I want to say is people are different, but being different is never a flaw, it only requires a better understanding and lots of patience and readiness for acceptance.


After the movie we decided to go for coffee, fa we started ordering and there was this friend who always associated me to Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, and Monica in Friends, don’t know why ;)..well, I know but I am not gonna admit it.

When it was my turn to order (at this point I noticed eno my friends were just staring at me and waiting to see how different my order will end up) I ordered a Mega Latte’ without the whipped cream and no chocolate chunks, but extra caramel.. we all laughed, and my friend was like “you can’t really take things as is!!” “You gotta do things your way”..fa I replied eno isn’t it is all about choices, even the smallest ones count. 

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  1. “Who” are no longer together?????

  2. G & I ya Juka

  3. no longer together?!!!
    Happened in 3 days only, msh konna ben2ol kalam 7elw fe el valantine?!

  4. “no longer together”..
    I’m sorry to hear about that.. Wish things will work out for your good isA

  5. Emi: 3adi ba2a

    Moon: thanks dear

  6. I don’t know why but I felt it was like a dream that will end but I enjoyed your feelings at that time and I am sure you enjoyed the experience itself despite the bad feeling you have now but i am sure that going back to your old routine will help very much.
    Who knows which way is better? no one.
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase let me know in which way you look like Monica in friends? I am so curious to know.

  7. What is done is done ya Hech and yesterday is PAST. 😀
    Eshme3na ya3ni :D, boss am organized keda and I like everything to be in place

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