A new day/era in the happy valley

El title metaphoric awi 😉

إيديا في جيوبي وقلبي طــــــــرب

سارح في غربة بس مش مغترب

و حدي لكين ونسان و ماشي كده

وبابتعد ما اعرف .. أو باقـــــترب 

What a beautiful start for the day, Mounir’s voice along with Salah Jahin’s stupendous words. I had one of those (consciously) long enjoyable rides to work, I went out 5 minutes earlier than I should so I can enjoy a peaceful ride…My play list was set on Monir’s songs..and they were actually the ones that I haven’t listened to for a long time…fa I was singing along enjoying the music and celebrating a brand new day/era until un….un…….uuuuuuuuuuuun, I noticed that someone in a white Honda Civic is following me.   

At the beginning I thought eno 3adi…this is the Auto-Strad come on…people have to go this way…mafish options ya3ni…then I noticed that my stalker (usually you don’t call people stalkers unless they  really stalk you J, bas let’s call him a stalker 3ashan el bo3d el drami wel suspense) is keeping his distance keda and he is really following me, tab eih ba2a?? I tricked him and gave a right signal keda as if am gonna turn right fa he was about to turn right then he realized 3ala akher la7za that I won’t turn right.   Anywayz, I reached my work (the area I work in is quite mazy keda), fa I thought he will probably get lost or something..bardo ma7asalsh.

I had to park @ the company’s parking lot which means that I lost all my chances of having lunch outside the bldg, coz usually when we park there it is more of “forget about your car khales till 17:10”…it is practically “3elbet sardine ya m3allem” as D puts it.  I noticed my stalker parked in front of the parking lot and was getting out of the car bas I pretended that he is not there aslan and got to the bldg.

I hate my stalker for a) he screwed up the last 15 minutes in my pleasant ride, b) I will never ever forgive him for this..am stuck here for lunch L.   

And the winner is:

Needles to say that I didn’t miss the  Oscar extravaganza or any related show with all the gossip and saucy details, (oh my..I gotta cut off on this) I wonder if I ever mentioned that am a reality TV freak!! Mmmm…this is a totally different subject and needs a post on its own.  I personally found Ellen DeGeneres HILLARIOUS, Helen Mirren’s – The Queen- award is well deserved.  The 61 years old actress looked extremely vivid and more stunning than Nicole Kidman in her TOO red dress. In an interview keda Mark Antony mentioned that he came to the party as J.Lo’s Purse!!!  If I ever had a husband and discovered that he plays a purse in his leisure time..I will shoot myslef in the head. Would have loved to see the girl from “little miss sunshine” going home with an award bardo..  

In a totally separate Note:

Next Saturday isa, I will interview one of my very favourite Egyptian writers, I love reading this guy, however, I disagree with him in a few things.  I am so excited about this meeting and so looking forward to it.



An Ancient Egyptian Prayer (The Map of Love):

May you enter favored, and leave beloved.

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  1. i love the map of love! its so beautifully written

  2. It is ya Hebe 🙂 I love it as well

  3. grrr,, eih el stalker el gheless dah?? I hate him already for spoiling such beautiful mood !

  4. 🙂 ma3lesh ba2a, el mood estamar ma3aya till the evening and I took the long way back home 🙂

  5. Yeah I agree with Nousha, some people are just RUDE. You had me there in the car with the Mounir mood, I could actually hear him singing. Enjoy the interview.

  6. Kaman the weather was awesome it actually rained in the evening..thank you Juka

  7. u are tagged

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