The drama queen returns – Part II



People around me are celebrating the coming of the alleged springy spring (this could be an Oxymoron…right!!).  nefsy afham what’s so cool about allergy, heat waves, and Khamaseen!!!

I am done with all this sweet talk about Spring ba2a seriously, if I heard one more word about the splendor of this season, I will announce its official demise*.


* Note to you: I can officially do this as I am no longer the queen of the pink planet, hallelujah earth people :)..Nerro moved to planet earth and invaded Heliopolis (sabekan), the Pink Province 7aleyan.


A Thought:

Some people steps in your life and leave you with this big gash, an emotional gash, the type of gash that would hurt even after it heals, coz it simply keeps you vigilant, skeptic,  and as away as possible from any human interaction.  In such instances, one can’t think “clemency”, or that’s what I assume…no matter how hard you try.  However, you surrender to your Karma, coz it will eventually find its way back.


Long Weekend:

I decided to treat myself to a long eventful/joyful weekend as I am extremely exhausted (mentally and emotionally) that is!!


Vanilla Talk:

Read Omar’s Hawaki Re7to Vanilia  (this just made my day).




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