Back with a flu


I Can’t really believe that I will have to wake up tomorrow morning and go to work!!! every single muscle and joint in my body hurts, and I have a sore throat… come on…I need a weekend 🙂

Anyway, the trip was super cool as expected…..getting consciously lost in there is just AWESOME.

Memorable moment: Sunset on Stanley Bridge, you know when the sun is really red and spreading those redish rays on the blue sky, and you just keep wondering how this spectacular surreal painting will just turn into dark black!!

Speaking of Stanley Bridge (this is a question to Askandarani & Hesham): would taking a cab from the bridge to Costa sound pretty unusaul??

The trip highlights:

– Breakfast @ the Brazilian Coffee…where the place has totally lost its essence…still you can figure out you are so close by its distinctive odor.

– Meeting Me , that was really cool 🙂

– Visited Cavafy’s house, the National Museum, the Greco Roman Museum.  Actually had the chance to watch a documentary “Mystery of the Nile” in the Library’s planetirium (speaking of which: don’t we have planeteriums in Cairo!!), then a quick tour in Shady Abdel Salam’s hall. 

Bas keda ba2a 🙂

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  1. Flu ya nerro ? Come and visit me and you’ll know how to survive without having flu 😉

    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Alf salama ya narnar….

  3. salamtek and welcome back, panadol cold and flue work miracles, and panadol acti fast is a gift from heaven, specially when going into those late meetings.

    about your q, yes it would be unusual, as it is less than 5 min walk and taking a taxi or car will be a 10 min ride, the u turn is almost 4 minutes away. just like taking a taxi from 2awel 3abas el 3a2ad and ask to go to city stars.

  4. Mo: Lol, la2 thank you am better off here :D, you are being missed young man.

    Lasto Adri: Allah yesalemek ya Bluelue

    Askandarani: w panadol extra ba2a a7san men kol dol ;p
    I know it is less than 5 mins walk, however, crossing the street seemed more of a heroic act!!

  5. salamtek

    mmm, it’s really nice that u made this trip to alex, I am not an expert but I know that this is the most beautiful time for spending time there

  6. Beuatiful pics ya nerro, salamtek:)

  7. Nousha: thanks dear, yeah it is the most beautiful time, generally speaking anytime before summer is just perfect. I was there in November and it was amazing..too cold w 7arakat.

    Thanks ya Juka 😀

  8. Hallos 🙂 eih dah you know another Juka 😉 Wow. Glad you enjoyed my city by the sea, actually jealous I have not been there since EID. I soooo miss it. Note to self get overthere ASAP.

  9. 🙂 How come since Eid!!! la2 go before it gets crowded ba2a w keda.

  10. Salamtak and glade you enjoyed Alex.
    I don’t like the new brazilian coffe either but still there is an old one in Mansheya.
    Eshme3na “Me” ba2a ? why not all alexandrains but ok there will be next times.
    You had a long busy day and sure you were exhausted by its end but a very intresting one too.

  11. Eih da!!! wa7ed fel Mansheya…tab I should come next weekend end ba2a 3ashan agarabo 😉
    Tab khalas next time we hold a bloggers meeting fi Alex..keda cool!!

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