From Cinnamon by Neil Gaiman

The tiger put Cinnamon’s hand into his.

“Pain,” said the tiger, and it extended one needle-sharp claw into Cinnamon’s palm. It pierced her soft brown skin, and a bead of bright blood welled up.

Cinnamon whimpered.

“Fear,” said the tiger, and it began to roar, starting so quietly you could scarcely hear it, working its way up to a purr, then a quiet roar, like a distant volcano, then to a roar so loud that the palace walls shook.

Cinnamon trembled.

“Love,” said the tiger, and with its rough red tongue it licked the blood from Cinnamon’s palm, and licked her soft brown face.

“Love?” whispered Cinnamon, in a voice wild and dark from disuse.

And the tiger opened its mouth and grinned like a hungry god; which is how tigers grin.

NOTE: this is sort of my current mental and emotional state, I’ve been through a painful break up, I was practically torn into pieces, then I was afraid of losing faith in love, hope, and tomorrow…but now I feel loved 😀

Am a heck of a lucky girl because I have some beautiful friends and loved ones in my life…THANK YOU 😀

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  1. Kisses 🙂

  2. Kisses back sweets 😀

  3. what a wonderful state of mind 😉
    you know feeling loved by the people arround you is one of the sweetest joys in life

  4. It sure is ya Hesham 😉

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