A pretty short ride

Can’t get myself to concentrate, am blank and tearful since morning.   M (office mate) showed up at work after being absent for more than a week now, last week we got to know that his wife was sick and he was off as he wanted to take her to doctors w bta3.  Later we found out that she has been diagnosed with Brain Cancer.


When I saw him this morning, I felt as if am seeing a total stranger, he is not the same M…he lost a lot of weight and probably  lost his spirit along the away….wanted to tell him hang on and be strong keda..but couldn’t!!  

A few days ago they were thinking their child’s first Birthday party, and today what are they thinking!!  

The other day we were talking and laughing in the phone and we were planning for a gathering, now am avoiding picking up his phone when he is not around.    


K and I have been trying to put a smile on his face since morning and we managed to for a few minutes however, this is not gonna change anything.  May God keep her safe and sound for her husband and little boy.


Pray for her,


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  1. So Sad ya Nerro !!! ربنا يشفيها يا رب

  2. 😦 Ya tara who is next?
    My fear increases day after day from that disease:(
    It became normal to hear about it with people close to you 😦

  3. It really is ya Dido.
    yes ya Emi, close and young…sometimes they are too young, I wonder how can they handle that!!

  4. unfortunatly this is life , we don’t have to like it or to enjoy it but we sure must accept it as it is.
    I will prray for this small familly and for their best isa.

  5. […] for tonight, for my friends father who got a heart attack and in hospital now, and for a young mom with a young child and a husband suffering from cancer, may Allah grant them true faith and peace […]

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