TGI Friday ;)

Tomorrow, tomorrow

I love you, tomorrow
You’re always a day away

For sure I love tomorrow, it is FRIDAY, and I will get to sleeeeeeeeeeeep.  Anywayz, tomorrow there will be a few cool events keda to attend.

1) El Korba Street Festival (Spring 2007 Festival): From 1 – 7 pm.  The festival includes a book fair and flowers display, Wust El Balad & Black Tema will pefom there as well.

2) 6 pm @ el Sakia,  Don’t miss Emi’s Exhibition…mmmmm..I mean Egypt Photographers annual Exhibition.

3) Storry Telling Performance at the Kotob Khan “What Shahrazad has not said”..the performance starts @ 8 pm

Cool awi….yalla I go…and you enjoy and have the nicest weekend ever,

Nerro xxxx

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  1. iT waS An aWEsOMe dAy bGd W I LoVe To mUCh
    An aLsO i HaDe SoM E FuN , nOooO alOt Of fuN FoR SUrE WiTh wuSt Al bAlD WiTh aNtIkA SoNg …

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