El Korba Festival 2007: talk about positive energy






People from different age groups and back grounds all gathered in one of Heliopolis’s oldest and most unique districts “El Korba”….cafes put out tables and chairs for people to enjoy the open air, kids and adults were drawing on the streets, puppets dancing and mingling with the crowds….books booths along the sidewalks, fine arts students were painting and exhibiting their art works, flourists competed in displaying their  beautiful collections, and let me tell you some were really impressive.

 The common factor was the energy that filled the air, the smile on every face adult or a child…every body was enjoying a free space.  Given the crowds I thought there would be lots of harassement, but no one complained about that either….however, I think there should have been more CANDIES for the kids ya3ni!!!  Imagine a festival without cotton candy!!!

Update: more photos here


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  1. For some cosmic reason, I didn’t enjoy it at all. You know when someone’s trying too hard, it actually shows and partially spoils it. I got that impression and it made me leave early. But it’s good for a start (even though this is the 3rd year in a row).

  2. I wish I was there 😦

  3. Dee: nothing wrong with trying, this simple trial made the day for hundreds!! which is cool after all 😀

    Nousha: for a reason I expected to bump into you there..ma3lesh..next time isa 😀

  4. Hey, there was cotton candy! We got ones but the quantity was small.
    I enjoyed it a lot as well.

    Thanks for coming the exhibition, it was very lovely of you and Nesrine 🙂

  5. khawanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😉 cotton candy men gheri!!
    We enjoyed coming to the exhibition..great work as always ya Emi.
    P.S: you still owe me an explanation missy ;D

  6. Yes! It was a lovely day.

    Although I caught it starting a few minuted before West ElBalad started playing, and until dusk, but it was lovely still! I felt at home again, for while.

    Did you see how happy were the kids? Hugging the asphalt and coloring away with the quickly-vanishing chalk sticks; the little ones more creative than the older teens who merely wrote their names in Latin characters. I remembered O7od’s little graffiti adventure.

  7. Yeah, kids were at the top of it :D, this should become sort of an annual festival!!

  8. I live close to Korba…but, i haven’t been to anyone of these festivals…always being abroad at the time 😦

  9. ne3melak wa7ed lama tigi..matza3alsh nafsak kales 😀

  10. merci ya fandem…da min zo2ek.

    How long did it last? in hours i mean

  11. Mesh 3arfa..it started at one, and finished around nine I guess.

  12. I honestly believe we should think of something more bebeficious to our brothers and sisters who do not have even a bread loaf to eat…stop waisting your time in nonsense pleaaaaaaaaaaaase

  13. Hatem,
    You can always use such “nonsene” and raise funds for our brothers and sisters and help them. Ya3ni make use of the nonesense your way.

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