Notes to self: UPDATED

– Relax!! take a deep breath….chill.  Don’t get wrapped up in the craziness of everything.

– Don’t hold yourself responsible for all and are surrounded by adults who should know better and can mind their own business…take your hands off  and enjoy being irresponsible for a bit.

– Unplug this litte brain of yours for a while, and embrace the dreamy world of deep sleep.

– Remember that it is always ok to make mistakes and you don’t have to beat the hell of yourself up for it. Genuinely apologize then move on.  Don’t stop there…we are human beings, we are not meant to be flawless, all you need to do is figure out your mistake and avoid doing it again.

– All is fair in love and war.

– Get hold of yourself and your smile…don’t lose them no matter what…Seriously ya3ni, what’s with the drama queen!!! shoot her in the head..enough is enough. 

– Don’t expect a lot from people. You should have learned this by now.

Note to self and Nag: Frog princes and happy endings do exist 

–  It is not worth it PRESS DELETE.

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  1. “Frog princes and happy endings do exist” … do they ?
    btw, where is the old template and pink narnoura 😦 ?

  2. Aywa tab3an they do…just believe in them
    I had to change the template coz the font in the previous one was extremely small, and it was quite a challenge to read any post, fa ma3lesh, will try to find another one ya Nooni..kisses.

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo please leave this one , I like it better , more stylish and very unique.
    Some comforting words but what I like the most is “Get hold of yourself and your smile…don’t lose them no matter what” it is a good tip needed in this sad life.
    Also about the princes and happy endings, they are there as long as you beleive in them and beleive you will find them and it is just a matter of time.

  4. Get hold of yourself and your smile…don’t lose them
    pelase don’t.. belive me frog princes and happy endings do exist.. bgad they do..
    stay pinke as you are pelase

  5. Hesham: don’t freak out buddy, khalas will keep it as is (for a while) ;), and yes it is always about “beleiving”… Tinkerbell was dying, but and the only thing that would have helped her survive if enough people believed in fairies.

    Moia: I am not gonna, pink narnoura hatroo7 fein ya3ni :D..kisses

  6. Zizi-
    (i call almost everyone Zizi these days and i like it -even if they dont)

    I like this template much more, the previous was too pink for my taste 🙂

    They do sada2eeni 😀 we encountered aslan some of them before, didnt we? even if they later turned into lizards, geckos, and cockroaches 😉

    have a great day!

  7. Hataghada 3an goz2 zizi men el comment 🙂
    A lot of people complained about the previous template…bas am not being “demokrateya” wala 7aga, it is just I agree with the font bit.

    We encountered some of them before for sure; but they used to suffer from a well known phenomena MMF (Metamorphosis Mulfunction)

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