One reason why I love my job ;)

I heard the BESTest “good morning” ever today from the new DPM. 2asalaaaaaaaaaam…Mr. extremely handsome (not as in Brad Pitt but more of Keanu Reeves bas with dark blue/greysih eyes) arrived 2 days ago and today is his first day on board…this is the youngest DPM I’ve ever encountered in this program, they are always in their 50s, but this one is turning 33 in May…Surprise…surprise!! he is a fellow Gemini as well(yes, I already did my investigations ;).

Tab..I go ba2a 3ashan we have a welcome on board meeting 😉

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  1. Tayeb we howa el ostaz el DPM da masry wala amricany? ma3lesh tefre2 bardo !

  2. American

  3. I Love Keany Reeves’s looks!! May I steal him PLEASE?? LOL Is he a muslim, Nerro?

  4. 2asalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and he knows he is handsome or he is the modest kind.

  5. Mystery: steal him mafish mashakel khales, bas gotta let you know eno he is being the target of all the single girls at the company..I even started to lose interest.

    Hechkok: he is too down to earth…zyada 3an el lozom ya3ni..fein el challenge henna!!!

  6. u reminded me with my supervisor dr (a hush hush talk now)!
    if he’s not married, and if i am a bit older.. and if.. grrrr….
    bas my case, :d he’s purely Egyptian 😀 only his wife American bas 😛

  7. eshme3na ba2a, tab ma7na american co. mabygbolnash nas men dool leah, aktar agnaby benshofo consultants wala audtor men Pakistan, nas leha bakhat we nas leeha terter sa7e7:(

  8. Lasto: you know what!! it has always been a dream to fall for a professor at the Uni!! ma7adesh shaga3ny khales

    Juka: lol, la2 fi wa2t rabena karamko bwa7ed men Greece ;p

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