Ich liebe dich mein schatz

– This is exactly why I’ll never fall in love with a German guy…this language is romantically challenged me thinks!! for God’s sake how on earth should  a word with the letter “Z” at the end convey a loving meaning!! zzzzzzzzz..”sleepy”…zzzzzzzzzzz “dentist”…zzzzzzzzzzz “!!!!!!!!”

– I am the kind of person who can’t keep her mouth shut, especially when I get angry??  and usually that doesn’t get me anywhere…or it might get me directly to a real hell on earth…I need to stop that..however, this sounds like rocket science. 

I was never a neutral person…and don’t think I’ll ever be….I tend to be an extermist if I may say.  I say what I feel like, I tell people I love them or I miss them, I also don’t hesitate to show uneasiness.   I might make a fool out of myself, bas getting whatever out of my chest..makes me feel comfortable and at ease.. I thought this is healthy bas it turned out to be stupidity!! 

– Was watching “A walk to remember” last night..and was wondering if that guy really exists..someone who is willing to make me happy and make my wishes come true “not for the reason eno I might die soon”..but just because he wants me to be happy!!! “sighhhhhhh”

A dear colleague was sitting beside me while writing this point..and he made a subtle note eno Noony should start watching MBC action!! 


This is my sham el nessim tag for you: Nesrina, Engy, Juka, Hesham, Hossam, Nousha, Sou, Fadfadation, Nag, Mystery, Misho, Dido, Eman, Mo, and everybody who reads this blog.  Color an Egg and post it in your blog..I know so many of you quit the coloring eggs  tradition men zaman..bas let’s do it this year…for the fun of it…have a colorful day/weekend/and vacation.

“Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.

Alles Liebe :p


I deleted my celebrity crush post as I recieved many emails from Mr. Barghouthy’s fans asking if I know him personally or if am dating him…some people were actually angry 🙂 anywayz, I don’t know him personally walahi, I just get to see him in his performances bas mesh aktar :D…chill!!

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  1. You know what. I love the color an egg idea, we did stop that a looong time ago. I think I’ll do that this year though, need anything silly/sweet to do. I’ll make all my friends color eggs too! I will tell them it was your idea! 🙂

  2. I hate the german language hate it, hate it, hate it, but please explain the title I can understand the first half, tell me about the second half of the title.
    About the mouth shut who can keep his mouth shut when angry, who can keep his mouth shut when things go wrong.
    I like the egg idea and will see how to make it.
    It seams romance are only in movies they don’t exist in real life.

  3. Deee: have fun :D…and if you still need more silly/sweet things to do…go to the ceramic cafe w el3abi bel alwan for a while..it is so cool.

    Hesham: the second half is my darling…takhayal!!! Angry or mad I just can’t keep it shut 😀
    The egg idea is pretty simple…mafihash how w keda..boil and egg w lawenha..
    Love exists walahi…bas el nas fiha 7aga ghalat

  4. La2 bossy ba2a, a guy like the one in “a walk to remember” da wahm fa get real. there is no such guy and if there is be the good sister and leave him to me 😛
    About the egg, you know it would be my pleasure.
    Ma3lesh b4 I go: ana agaza youm el 7ad wenty la2a …lala lala 😛

  5. Good sister!!! da men emta ya3ni
    walahi 3eib keda!!! hakhdo agaza wala yehemeni

  6. so it’s not just me who hate the dutch language 🙂
    I love french, spanish and italian, but couldn’t imagine myself trying to enjoy the strong makhareg el alfaz of the german language !
    isa 3an karib I will do the tag,,, walahi fakartini be ayam zaman !!

  7. Alles gute zum sham el nessim wel a3yad ya fraulein ne3’3’o 😛
    we ba3deim mich komm back ba2a netfahem fe el mawdoo3 el tag da.
    “beid molawan, beid molawan ya 7oss” qouting someone betasarrof 😀

  8. Nousha: I actually studied Deutsch w 7awelt ansah 3ala 2ad ma2dar 😀

    Hossam: Danke Shcon ;p…lol @ betasarof..sibak men el eggs, w fakar fel magd wel shohra ya 7oss “nazra dramatikeya” 😀

  9. So tell me ya Nerro w barady 2alby 😀 Was I the first 2 guess it right? 😀

  10. lol, aywa..aywa you were the first to guess it right ;D

  11. Tesd2i fekra, eh dah I got excited awi about mawdo3 talween el beed dah.
    I will do it! 😀

  12. I didn’t know i was tagged till i read this !

    yaaah coloring eggs, last time i did it i was like 7 yeas old wala 7aga.

    i don’t even have eggs in my fridge asasan…lol

  13. M&Ms: konna lessa fi sertek this morning ;), yalla warina el fann
    Fadfadation: tab eih, ab3atlak kartoona Fedex!!

  14. my whole family still paints eggs every year ! its uber fun ! haven’t commented in a while ya nerro bas am always buzzing around

  15. tab 7’ody dy:



  16. Hebe: wana kaman…am always around bas I don’t comment :D…tab don’t forget to post a photo for the eggs bokra.

    Ghandi: 7ader will do 🙂

  17. lol i haven’t met a person who likes dutch till now and everytime i hear this comment i think : O people why am i the only person who likes it !? (sigh)

    however that ,i enjoyed reading this entry, it seems that i find (a’7eeran) a person like me who can’t feel peace at all till he expressed his feelings :))

    the only different bt. us that it’s not me who thinks that it’s a kind of stupidity, but my mother & all people around me ,so because of that i try as i could to keep them inside tab3an for me i feel like hell when it happens zay maykoon el kalam wa2f fe zori zay medan ramses w mstany bas el 3askry yer7amo w yefta7 el eshara 3ashan yegry ..

    as for the guy of ” a walk 2 remember” i think mafeesh bent shaft el film ela w sa2lt nafsa with a deep sigh the same question 🙂

    i don’t know sometimes i keep telling my self that this person exists but may be it’s not the time yet or yemkn mish 3arf yewsalli “probably 3ale2 fel za7ma beta3t ramses eyaha”!(bad jok)

    sometimes i get into the reality and say fel zaman da u have 2 be lucky to find him..but as usual it ends me to the same conclusion “it’s just as our mothers & grandmothers immortally saying : di 2sma w nasseb zay el riz2” ( deep sigh)

    tawlet 3aleeky :))
    wishin u all z best

    ***P.s: tell ur colleague 7ata MbC action seems to be useless my heart is still broken for “Wesley” and “Fred” in “Angel” series 😥

  18. The Ramses thing cracked me up…mesh momken 😀
    mataweltish wala 7aga, on the contrary i enjoyed reading your comment awi..
    P.S: ana aslan don’t have the heart to watch Angel’s trailer

  19. Halloz. Sorry about the tag. You see this year, we went all modern. There is a factory in Alex that is manufacturing egg wraps. That come already drawn and coloured and you just wrap around hot egg and voila! work of art. 😀 Insane, I know. Too bad I didn’t think of taking photos!. Otherwise I had an amazing Easter weekend, hope you had one too.

  20. 😀 glad u have an amazing weekend…mine was super cool as well

  21. I find German to be a hash language. It is not romantic rather sets a point straight. Dutch sounds hash too but it is very pleasing to the ears…

  22. Deutsch is beautiful. That is dumb to say you hate it. Bist du verrückt? Oder blöd? You just haven’t heard it spoken by the right person.

  23. hi
    the german words just caught my eyes, because i had a german education since KG till uni graduation :))
    first, the “z” at end of the word is announced as “s”, and mein Schatz means “my treasure”. its a very commen and nice word :)))
    and believe me, its a very nice language- you just need to get used to it.
    as for falling in love iwth a german guy, dont worry about it, they are as passionate as anyone else. just give him time. begad,most of them have a very friendly nature, but just not used to show it right away. dont ask why, its just how they are :)))
    but they are romantic and tender as anyone else.
    if you smile at someone, and he doesnt smile back- but his brain hangs, dont worry. you didnt do any mistake, they dont understand why you’d smile without a reasonable reason :)))))

  24. Since I believe in the benefit of the doubt, fa will give them another chance 😀
    Happy to see u around

  25. Try conveying I love you in Sinhalese – spoken by approximately 28million
    “Mam-me O ya ter Ar-the-ray-e”

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