Saba7 el ward wel alwan :D



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  1. I have done my tag awel wa7da… although I didn’t have that much of a choice since u woke me up 🙂

  2. walahi bravo

  3. To7fa this little female egg, she has a name ? I think Mrs Pinky from your Pink world.
    I am naughty I had no time to do one and I missed it ;(

  4. Nesrina: mo3tareda wala eih :)??
    Fadfadation: :D, 7arakat w bta3
    Hesham: she has a name!!! da ana :(”

  5. wow ,really wonderful work :))

    i wish that i could share u this ,but first:unfortunely, mish ba3raf ezay alwen el beed (otherwise,iam such a good painter )and secondly iam having my mid terms starting from 2morrow isa (ya gam3a law sam7to dammer fel do3a keda ,lol )

    by the way narnoor ,i know it’s a kiddy question ,but
    can i be ur friend and mail u from time to another?

    wishin u all the best
    w kol nessem wenti taeba

  6. Hellllllllo “mish ba3raf ezay alwen el beed”!!! 2al ya3ni ana el ba3raf…el3aby bel alwan w is fun 😀
    As for your mid terms ba2a, rabena ma3aki “bedameer ;p”, seeret el emta7anat betegbli maghas aslan…”erfa3 ras el dahashna ya weld” 🙂
    Ah, ah tab3an..ya salam :D, wana 2atool ya3ni.

  7. I couldn’t find colors anywheeeeeeeeeeere!! Of course with my IQ I only remembered to look for them Sunday! And time and again, all I could get as an answer was ‘et2a7’arty ya madame’ (yeah, lol.. whatever). I decided to use markers, but of course, I couldn’t find anything at home lol… totally mastoula! To cheer me up, my dad got me, colorful egg shaped containers 3ashan maz3alsh. Loved the gestures.. haven’t uploaded the photos yet! 🙂

  8. Most importantly, totally cute amazing and adorable eggs!!

  9. Lol, ma3lesh tayeb…upload the photo 3ashan atfarag tayeb :D..thanks ya Deee…etfadlihom

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