Colorful State of Mind

– Don’t know what’s what with the coloring mania these days..I mean, I am totally in love with anything that involves “coloring”….a few weeks ago been to the Ceramic Cafe with a friend and we had a blast coloring a couple of mugs..carrying out the “chicken feet” theme ;).  Then came the easter eggs thingie. You think we are done!!! nope, lessa.  I am still on the go, and apparently will have a blast this weekend playing with my new coloring books..ehem..they are coloring books for ADULTS and kids aslan :D. I originally bought them coz I found eno it is really good to have them at home so whenever we have kids around, I can get them busy doing something interesting (convincing!!!)…kaman it is informative, fa I recommend awi.

– I joined a “fer2a masra7eya motagawela ;)”..the first session will start next Saturday, am excited about it awi…not that I always wanted to act or something…it is just I think it is a cool and liberating experience keda…

M‘s wife is over with her brain surgery, and she is doing very fine el7amdolelah…M came back to work Sunday with his head totally shaved, I asked him “why?”, fa he said eno it is sort of sharing or supporting and encouraging his wife!!…I was touched awi by his gesture.

– From Ruba3eyat Salah Jaheen: 

إيش تطلبي    يا نفس فوق كل   ده

حظك   بيضحك و    انتي     متنكده

ردت قالت لي النفس :   قول للبشر

ما يبصوليش   بعيون   حزينة  كده

عجبي !!

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  1. Oh god, he shaved his head to morally support his wife… this is soooooo touching and beautiful.
    Rabena yetem shefaha ya rab.

  2. yes! this is extraordinary touching!

    BTW: I like coloring books.. so i always screw them up 😀

  3. though* … its not “so”
    typo again!

  4. Nesrina: aywa..heya morally support his wife di…etmasa7et men demaghi tamaman :D..

    Blue: ma el coloring books aslan ma3moula to be screwed up ;D

  5. what a bright post! 🙂
    a lovely colourful one
    good luck, and insha allah M’s wife will get better, someone like him are very rare.
    Good luck in el fer`a

  6. Thanks ya Nousha

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