It is a beautiful morning

It is a cold rainy day in Cairo…don’t stay home and miss the rain, go out for ice-cream @ korba, or coffee… aw ay 7aga…just entasheroooooooooooooo


Chasing the golden butterflies in El Dorado

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  1. lol thanx god it’s not only me who woke up with a cheery mood :)))

    wallahi kan nefsi antashr but i can’t i have 2 study (with this cheery mood rabna yustor w mat2lb ‘3am),having simultaneous translation on sun. and both drama & romantic poetry on mon.
    so u can imagine how this cheery mood seems so strange 4 me lol:))

    have a brightful colored day and wish me luck
    i’ll write u as soon as my mids end 😉

  2. 7ader!
    I wanted to tell you this since last night but I was already out till too much a.m.

  3. I saw the rain this morning and afternoon, I’m on vacation in Egypt so it’s my first time to see this kind of weather here in April (I usually come in the summer). I took loads of pics on my blog hehe.

  4. Blue Flower: 😀 if you need any help with your studies let me know…drama, translation, and romantic poetry are cool mesh moshkela awi yethaya2li…best of luck 🙂

    7oss: mashy mashy…ba2et mesh sahl abadan 😉

    Unique Muslimah: I saw the pics in your blog, they are nice. It is hot today though

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