Baby Nerro


While cleaning up my computer I came across this photo, the same inquisitive/concerned person..mafish fayda :), wish I’ve been taught how to be more flexible though.

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  1. :))))
    Beautiful pic ya nerro:)
    And you think you were inquisitive and concerned baby??? gotta see my pics..I was crying in all beatch pics cause sand touched my skin:)))

  2. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Adorable picture, adorable smile and a cute dress.
    Look at your hands and how you couldn’t manage to do anything while they were full of sand !

  3. Actually I was scared to death!! Beach photographers used to scare me aktar 7aga
    Juka: warini warini 🙂
    Hesham: I was crying :)!!

  4. They never could keep me awake long enough to take a photograph (just kidding)! I was a very sleepy child, my mother says I slept through the first 4 years of my life but I smiled a lot, back then! I, too, turned into a concerned, think-too-much-gotta-take-it-easy person. My motto in life has become “Ya Mossahhel!”

  5. you look so cute 🙂

  6. Deee: My life as a baby was too full..eating..playing..eating..sleeping..eating..crying..then eating. Nefsy akabar demaghy awi w mafakarsh.

    Nousha: thanks ya gamila

  7. You posted this before BTW 😉

  8. fel arabic blog (allah yer7amo) zamaaaaaaaaan 🙂

  9. That is just adorable!!

  10. 😀 mesh keda bardo

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