When the thunder calls you

Remeber this song by East 17!!

When the thunder calls you
From a mountain high
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
When the thunder calls you
Under purple sun
To the place where horses run

It is a song back from universty years…used to love it. Kinda forgot all about it though..but the THUNDER CALLED TONIGHT…and it is still calling by the way 😀

It is a 100% winter night in Cairo, Rain, Thunder, lightning..w kolo kolo.  Gotta admit that am not a fan of the last two though…I love rains…but the sound of thunder creeps the hell out of me…accompanied with lightning ba2a it is a catastrophe…mesh 3arfa..they are not as peaceful as when it rains bas…ya3ni I feel keda eno there are 2 big personified clouds having a serious quarrel…then it gets more serious..fa they start a real fight…they then collide and all the anger and negative energy hits the earth..let alone el particles el soghayara that would come down along with the rain. Well, am scared fa am just talking nonsense :(”

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  1. Maho ya3ni you insisted on sitting by yourself in the living room wenty bet7’afy tayeb ne3mel aih e7na.
    Speaking of the song, I used to like this album but the song I loved the best was “stay another day”… remember it?

  2. Khalini sakta ba2a…u people sleep WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too early!!
    Thunder wasn’t in this album ya Nesrina!! Go sleep Garfield..I know it is too early for you..kisses ;D

  3. I have a small walk after the rain yesterday, el gaw kan re7to TO7FA!
    Today el gaw lazez bardo

  4. eh da!
    thunder and lightining in Cairo? fatny da ba3d 3awsef el torab el faze3a…

    and yes yes I remember this song.. ayam!

    (moraselkom men fawk el naka)

  5. M&M’s: yes, re7to was literally holameya keda…we had breakfast on the roof this morning..w makonnash 3ayzeen nenzel

    Hosssssssssssssssssssssssssam: enzel men 3al naka w t3ala ba2a ya weld 😀

  6. it was beautiful !!! I loved the sound of rain on my window 🙂 but seems like I slept early because I missed the thunder …
    lovvely song.

  7. You sleep so early 😀 bas it is good eno you enjoyed the nice part of the night.

  8. i didnt feel it raining or thunder or anything…
    ka2eni makontsh 3aysha fl donia yesterday :S

    hmm… in fact, i was hiding under my blankt thinking fi 7agat keteer :S may be thunder in my head was way much stronger than the outside world!

  9. mmm…hope you are feeling better now ya gamila

  10. I think rain, thunder, lighting, clean empty wet streets, the chilly wind, they are all elements of a beautiful view, a view we will miss all summer long.
    About the songs, I remember one songs
    when I think about universty days, ” all that she wants” .

  11. Viva Ace of Base 😀

  12. OMG .. amazing to find that there are people who still listen to that song .. nice zooooooo2

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