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To start off am on the chicky side of the house today, fa it feels awesome.  Been a while since I felt good about myself keda…I lost SOME good weight and was kinda satisfied looking at the mirror this morning 😉  However, the dark red nail polish makes me feel eno I just finished eating someone.  


Lately, K has been asking a specific question_indirectly_ and I am acting super delirious, don’t know…some people are urging me to take the “K issue” seriously, I even found M “office mate” asking me this morning “how on earth are you guys not together?” keda..bluntly. fa I was like…”we are smart enough I guess”, fa he said things to the effect eno K likes me and it is crystal clear…M knew that I know eno he is testing the waters for K..however, K himself have been testing it for a while now…he even once made a scene  (proposed) keda when we were all having breakfast up on the roof and I played stupid and told him eno this is not magical enough w bta3.


Now K is the “too good to be true” type of guy; good looking, witty, helpful, moderately religious, successful, etc..But I don’t think he is the kind of guy who would really understand that I need to go to my mgmnt class after work, or attend this workshop coz it is liberating and blabla..nevertheless I think he is nice enough to let go of things as long as am happy!! Don’t know…at this point I think he wants a stable family, someone who is always around w keda!! Tab ma isn’t that what I need as well!! Mmmm…I don’t know..


Aslan, this weekend I figured my futuristic plans out and  made up my gonna marry an eligible bachelor from the royal family of the Sultanate of Brunei…now don’t get me wrong, am not materialistically motivated or anything, although it is a pretty comprehensible motive…but this island is more like 2  ripped out pages from a story telling book been placed on the real world. I figured it is the perfect plan for me, the perfect place where I could be.  By marrying a Brunein prince I will be entitled to live in an imaginary place, be a mythical princess (not that am not one right now ;), but a real one with the tiara and everything, and create my own version of alf leila w leila.  Yeah, there you can live your very own fairy tale…me!!

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  1. Congratulations on the chosen groom prince and when you do so don’t forget your poor blog friends, a small tour with eltayara would be just fine.

  2. I was about to kill you till I reached the “Brunein prince” part!!:)
    If you gonna turn this sounds-too-perfect-guy for a Brunein prince then it’s ok, but where is this prince ya nerro.
    The funny thing is, once I had the same dream, I did more, I looked for all sites related to the Sultanate and send emails:)
    Really what a place to live in, you know what I remember, “Anna and the king of Siam”, watched that movie?:)

  3. Hesham: duhhh!!! tayaret eih bass?? I will own 3 or 4 flying carpets 😀 3ashan el mythical ambiance w keda.

    Engy: girl you are amazing…you seriously emailed ya Juka!! As for the guy..I didn’t reject or accept him yet, currently am not up to such a emotionally unstable w keda. Never watched the movie?? does it imply by any means how to approach a royality ;)??

  4. YESSS,you go there to teach the prince’s kids the english (arabis in your case), he falls in love with you and ask to marry you at the end of the movie:))

    Seriously ba2a, think over about that “K”, we cannot refuse a guy cause he is too good to be true, the fact is we keep on refusing and keep on regretting it later, really ENOUGH.

  5. Sounds like a good plan, but I want a prince fady not a prince with kids!! I know ya Engy..bas kaman I don’t want to go for it just becoz it is too good to be true…lazem men el ma3amiq

  6. Esteeeeeeeeee7’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaara!! Even though I find ‘too good to be true’ something in the guy’s favor not against, I know its not always what we want.. but if he’s been working for you long enough to want to propose, then he probably knows a bit about you and your dreams and they could be factors making Nermeena so special to him! Therefore, viva este7’aaara!! 😀

  7. Sa7 ya Deee…you are right. That’s what I was thinking since morning actually.

  8. oh my !
    what a sentimental post 🙂 First feeling good, then a proposal from a too-good-to-be-true man that should have been more magical, and then a mystical life in a sultanate !!!!
    WOW !
    You can be a Danielle Steel 3ala fekra 😉

  9. Eyh? I didn’t know Brunei was an island?

  10. Nousha: I am in a good mood bas that’s all…Steel is super sa7loola for me.
    Passer by: yeah it is.

  11. Sounds like a good plan, do any of these Princes have abrother? Maybe you could set me up with one of them. Then I too could live a fantasy life of jewels and ferraris.

    have super dopr day ….

  12. Hi Sue, how are u :D?
    I will look into it ;D

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