Fata7 3enak takol malban, and tidbits

A fancy kind of Mouled will be held next Friday @ victory college (Maadi).  Well, given that it is quite hard to attend a real one..fa am probably going..me thinks it is gonna be cool awi..I love mouleds 😀

Check the details here. The event has been cancelled :((( Nino za3lan ba2a

– I figured out eno I can hardly spell -figuratively that is- Social Intelligence.  Mmmm…and to be honest I don’t mind it_at_all.

– Tomorrow is Labor Day, fa don’t miss watching “El Aydi El Na3ema”…I love the movie..it is hilarious.

– Walahi, it is cool bardo to be taken care of at work..mesh we7esh khales ya3ni 😉

Heads up!!

Khaled El Husseini’s second novel “A Thousand Splendid Suns” should be released on 22 May 2007.  Now, those who read the Kite Runner I guess they are like myself, can’t wait till they have the book in their hands, and for those who didn’t have the chance to read it..check this post out…to know what you are missing out on.


Still chasing the sun

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  1. A real Mouled this is intresting , we use to have one in front of Elmorsi abu elAbbas Mosque here in Alex, very rich environment with all its colours and child plays and different kind of peoples from every where.
    It is super cool to be taken care of in work, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    By the way tell me if you catch the sun.

  2. Tab next mouled ba2a, u go and report the event w sowar ba2a w keda.
    Enty fhemteni ghalat khales walahi 😉 mesh elli fi dmaghak…bas for a reason am everybody’s sweetheart nowadays..el mawdoo3 fi 2enna 😀
    7ader I will.

  3. Can’t they ever pick a decent timing… it coincides with SOS and too close to my finals!! 😦

    Me never want to see the sun ever ever again… I’m chocolate brown like the cranberries song! HAVE A BLAST! 😀

  4. A friend of me read the kite runner and said it was one of his favorite books.he said it was very similar to the time and place he was raised as a young boy.
    now with your recommendations as well, I will be certain to read it.

    have super doper day .

  5. Deee: enjoy SOS, sounds really interesting this time. Good luck with the finals 😀

    Sue:you got to…it is beautiful.

  6. logon to TIMES.COM and vote for him if you want.

  7. Hi Nerro, u are tagged

  8. I’ve been to a couple of ‘real’ mouleds two years ago, but seems interesting to go to a ‘tailored’ one!!

  9. Sadly due to a decision by the Ministry of Education the following event was cancelled

    ana kont ray7a..bas ya khosara 😦
    see link below:

  10. Fadfadation: will do
    Nousha: bousa(s) 😀 thanks 7abebti
    3ala2: ya bakhtak…the even has been cancelled
    Leoplodine: thanks, got the info :((

  11. Eih dah! That’s great news. Can’t wait for the book. I’m in love with The Kite Runner.

  12. lol..I can understand what you are going thru now:D

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