What’s what with the Souad Massi hype ba2a!!!

“Are you going to Souad Massi’s concert?”..this is becoming more like a greeting nowadays…walahi.  Whenever somebody calls or meets you…they just hit you with this question!!!

Well, the lady is good, she has a beautiful voice, and I would never open my mouth when it comes to her music…bas honestly speaking I can’t relate to her khales…the language is not smooth enough..I have hard time understanding her!!! and am not really into reading lyrics while driving-da if you consider it an option aslan-which is probably the only time I can listen properly to some good music.  Howa generally speaking what usually attracts me to a song is the lyrics…the tune is important..bas to me, if I can’t get the lyrics…then bye-bye oghneya!!

Fa to me Rima Khsheish and Lena Chamamyan for istance are super stimulating!! 7ad gheri bey7ebhom “I wonder!!”..the thing ba2a when I say this to anyone..they go like..”what??” “7ad y2ool keda”…and shoot along ba2a a “zoh2a we7esh awi” kinda look (you can easily figure a contemptuous look over the! 😉 

which is ok..I don’t mind people’ s looks anywayz…bas el fekra eno..I really wonder if it is only me..wala there are other people on this planet who really can’t relate to Souad Massi!!

On another note ba2a: A Thousand Splendid Suns is the kind of book that would leave the reader with a faint miasma of disappointment…to be fair, Khaled Hosseini is an awesome story teller if I may say, his way of narration is flawless.. he skillfully entiwnes the characters and events. However, this novel can not be compared to the Kite Runner…still am not done yet..bas about to, but not totally taken.

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  1. Unfortunately… I SUPER RELATE TO SOUAD!! I mean I had a post on facebook *whatever!!*, where I asked my friends what song reminds them of me and the only thing that came up more than twice was Souad… You are absolutely right.. the lyrics are barely arabic. It took me years too take them all in, but all the violins, ouds guitars were stimulating till I could actually make out LYRICS! Rima is amazing, never heard of Lena though.. and after all music is a matter of taste, and yes.. it is very irritating when something comes up fag2a and everyone’s talking about it keda all the time!!

  2. Bossi, It is not like I hate her aw 7aga bel3aks, I listen to her kteer, bas she is not one of my favourites 😀 tayeb will send you something for Lena keda via email..and if you liked her will send you the rest of the album 😀

  3. Add me to your side… Souad Massi seems to be Cliche now…lol

  4. plz send me links to the other two (whom i never heard of…lol)

  5. Oh thank you..i thought i was the only one being driven to insanity over Souad Massi..people look at me like i’ve grown another pair of ears when i say “no i am not going”

    cheers ya Nerro

  6. Fadfadation: yaaaaaaay…you’ve got mail 😀
    Archangel: lol…yeah..I can imagine the looks you get. wa7ed kaman…join the club 🙂

  7. count me in.. never liked her
    and i think she’s some kind of moda so every body should follow

    But i’ve never found out wut’s so special about her!!!

  8. lol, 7asa enaha alabet anti souad massi campaign 😀
    Bossy, i don’t hate her bel3aks basma3aha..bas I really think that the event is overrated.


    Submited post on – “Mercy?mercy!!!!”

  10. Crushed here… had really high expectations for his second book, I’m still on a natural high following the first!!

  11. Same here, however, the book is good but cannot be compared to the kite runner.It gets better towards the end though.

  12. I am with you totally about SOUAD, great music but something……………….
    But I read your post twice to relate anything in it to the tiltle and I couldn’t , could you help me?
    Have a nice day.

  13. The concert was amazing, wonderful music, great vibe, ppl love her and she is smart and adorable dealing with the audience…I met hundreds of people and old friends and ex colleagues! isn’t this a real artist then?

  14. Glad u had fun ya 7oss 😀

  15. Where ya hiding?

  16. not hiding wala 7aga, just busy getting engaged.

  17. Oh
    Ya well, i guess that’s a pretty darn good excuse!!!!

  18. Thanks 🙂

  19. i love lena chamamyan too

    but the new album is a bit dissapointing if you ask me.

    never heard of the other one though

    can you send me anything by her?? this rima girl 🙂

    tab can i bribe you with lena’s new album :p it’s not that good bas it’s the only bribe i have at the moment

  20. yaaaaaaaaaaaaah, enta fein ya kareem!!!
    lol, you don’t have to bribe me, I am gonna send you the stuff when I get back home 😀 however, i won’t mind Lena’s new album khales ya3ni ;D

  21. ana?
    kont mokhtafy shewaya taking care of things, bas kol she2 madroos now

    i sent you the link 3al gmail, u might want to check your spam folder if it didn’t land fel inbox 🙂

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