I took all the time I needed, and practically took off from all the sources of distortion and negative energy to take my decision (God’s will preceded tab3an). 

I got engaged to K  yuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppie 😀

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  1. alf alf alf alf alf MABROUK !!!

  2. 10000000000000000 mabrook, congrats, so that is what u were up to and hidding up for all this time.

  3. allah yebarek fiki ya Nousha, 3o2balek ya gamila 😀
    askandarani: worth hiding mesh keda!! thanks dear.

  4. Mana 3arfa 😛
    masha2 Allah … Alf Mabrouk, rabena yewafa2kom we yebarek 🙂

  5. no2aflek youm fara7ek ya 3aroosa ;p

  6. :)))
    (ana ba3raf azaghrat 7elw awy 3ala fekra):)

    mabrook ya 3aroosa:)

  7. and K is ?

    K is a super market here in Finland. Lucky you 😉


  8. Sinceeeeeeeeeeeere congratulations ya 3aroussa! Rabena ye3mel lek elli feeh el7’eir dayman! 🙂

  9. Masha’a ALLAH , Mabrok Alf Mabrok ……

  10. Juka: konna me7taginek awi youmiha…makansh fi 7ad beye3raf yezaghrat :D, 3o2balek ya bannouta ya gamila 😀

    Sweetest Mo: K is Khaled mesh super market ;D

    Deee: Thanks for the sincere feelings..wasalo awi ya3ni 😀

    Sue: Allah yebarek fiki 😀

  11. Alf Alf Mabrook ya Nerro :D..i wish you both lasting happiness and eternal love

    PS. “please matensoosh ta3melo fara7 online in parallel with the real one” to order a digital tux

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Alf alf mabrooook nerroooo
    u can’t imagine how happy i am for u now .. seriously…
    May God Bless you “both” begad..
    I’ll try to call u isA 🙂

  13. Archangel: 7ader we will 😀 thanks dear.

    Blue: thank you sweets, 3o2balek isa, w nefra7lek kolena w keda xoxo

  14. Dearest Nermeena.. alf alf mabrouuuuuuuuuuk :))))))))))
    May you always live in happiness :)))

  15. allah yebarek fiki ya gamila w 3obalek isa 😀
    wenti kaman, kisses

  16. WOW!!! You always surprise me ya Nerro 🙂

    Alf mabrook ya amar … but i wanna see a pic wenty 3aroosa maleesh da3wa 😛

  17. 😀 lol, I always get this “you surprise me ya Nerro”!! bas surprise 7elwa el mara di
    Allah yebarek fiki ya gamila, el pics tel3et bayza, el photographer kan mesh ad keda ;p

  18. “el photographer kan mesh ad keda ” … walahi 3eib 3aleiki 😛

  19. lol, 3andek 7a2, el camera heya el day3a ;p

  20. CONGRATS dear, this is wonderful news. All the best to the both of you.

  21. thanks ya juka 😀 bas we called it off khalas

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