Back to single status


Well, we sometimes make mistakes, or take wrong decisions.  Happens, no?  Part of me feels so sad but honestly, I do not want to victimize myself; coz the truth of matter is I am lucky.  God was all around me, I asked for guidance and support and he was leading and helping me finding the missing puzzle pieces to form the scrambled picture.  On a final comment on this issue, I am a single girl who has found joy in acceptance of her status. 



I love, love, loved Sa7ar El Mougi’s “Noon”, the style is super interesting and unique, it is a lovely and thought provoking read.  I personally related to it BIG TIME.  The theme, narration, characters, and the chosen verses at the beginning of every chapter are extraordinarily beautiful.  The use of Pharaonic Goddesses “symbols” is a real hit, I for one never been interested in Pharaonic history but the symbols in the novel tempted me to go read and discover more about them.  

Another recommended read is Safinaz Kazem’s new release “San3et Latafa”, more about the book when I finish it, bas it is the first thing I read for the writer, and I am stimulated to pursue more of her writings.



Am back on track, more places to discover and tour around soon isa.  Last weekend Nousha and I went to the The Museum of Glass, Art, Sculpture, and Egyptian Paste, this is the museum she posted about in her blog.  Let me tell you, we had a blast, the place is heavenly keda, we liked the exhibited stuff, the jewelry, statues, glass work, everything, bas mathalan I did like the poor display of some of the pieces, el background is dusty w keda, khosara ya3ni. What I enjoyed most was Nousha’s company begad, thanks for the day ya gamila…I had so much fun.


On a separate note:

What happened to the service and cleanliness @ the Euro Deli? Mind you, I still love their french fries, bas recently am not tempted to go eat at the place khales :S no cool…me thinks!


Nerro sings off humming “el donya reesha f hawa…tara ra ra ra”

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  1. may I say … enty banoota gada3a !! Best of Luck to You ya my dearest Nerro ..
    am humming with you ” el donya reesha fe hawa “

  2. WELCOME BACK on the rough land of freedom and reality …
    You are handling it in an impressive way .. Chapeau 🙂
    we all need to be in touch with someone sometimes ,, yet we all need the fresh air too ….

    Welcome on board girl 🙂

  3. Well
    The whole engagement thing seemed kinda peculiar for me to be honest.
    But whatever makes you happy and content. Good for you.

  4. An experience is never a loss. I don’t know what’s going on this is the second break-up I hear about today and the 4th this week, but after all… its always for the best. Enjoy the reesha & the hawa dearest!

  5. Dido ya Dido
    ya 7elwa ya Dido 😀 xoxox thanks ya gamila.

    Bluestone: I totally agree, fresh air is essential 😀 thank you.

    Maxxed out: Mmmm, thank you 😀

    Deee: sa7 gedan “an experience is never a loss”. I don’t know, it is in the air I guess!! thank you sweets.

  6. Welcome back! I love how you are taking it all in stride. Museam sounds like fun, tell Nousha I want in on the next outing 🙂

  7. Kaf: cool move “just read ur post”

    Juka: Yeah, it was so much fun…yep, ta3ali and we gonna do interesting stuff 😀

  8. “single bill, single bill, single all the way”:)
    isA mesh all the way awy ya3ny:)

    PS: the fact is I am a lazy girl, but still willing to join these tours:), yalla I am in in the next one, just don’t make it badry awy ya3ny ya nerro:)

  9. lol ya juka :D..are you gonna be here this weekend wala sa7el??
    tayeb 10 or 10:30 is badry, wala reasonable! 😀

  10. I will be fe sa7el:S:(

    el mara ele ba3adaha teteb isA, and 10:30 is reasonable ya3ny, ta2reban:D

  11. it was really nice to see u the other day, let’s keep these tours as a ritual.
    thanks for coming 🙂

  12. […] Sculpture and Egyptian Paste museum. It was a very nice place. A fresh breeze in hectic Cairo. As nerro said, the exhibition was amazing, khosara that they didn’t take care of the dust especially […]

  13. ya benti it is my pleasure, let’s keep it up 😀

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