I am B_O_R_E_D to death :S

Boss is off and I don’t have a lot of work to do, mmm!!  Let me rephrase that very previous sentence, I currently do not have urgent assignments, and it is my last day before the looooong weekend fa am in no mood to do “un” critical assignments, makes sense tab3an!

My friends are off already, a lot of people are off from work these days, typical July/August ritual ya3ni.  The guys I usually hang out with are K’s friends fa we are not doing the usual fun stuff 3ashan K mayez3alsh.  K is mezamza2 and kinda giving everybody the impression eno I am originally a monster who has been sent to planet earth to devastate and demolish the male mankind. Wich is something I am totally ok wih, expected ya3ni.

I totally understand eno it gotta be a bit awkward around here although we both agreed eno after all we are colleagues and friends, bas bardo fi sense of uneasiness keda, I know it is gonna take its time and pass.

Now what??  The day is still young and I gotta find something interesting to do

On a totally irrelevant note, check this CNN blog post on Adora Svitak.  Quite impressive for a 9 years old kiddo, ha!  But isn’t it a lot of pressure on her, I wonder!

Update @ 2:57

Guess what?? I discovered that Ethos Cafe is only a 3 minutes walk from work :D, how cool is that? awesome 😀 I liked the place, the atmosphere, LOVED their french fries and the chocalate pinches in my frappucino.  While eating and drinking I managed to get a copy of the art review latest issue.  Pretty interesting theme, I was pretty enthused by Will’s “A Gateway to Sanity” and Meto’s article on Virginia woolf.

Yalla, less than two hours to start my vacation 😀

Nerro signs off humming “if you are happy and you know it clap your hand” (clap, clap, clap)

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  1. haiiiii, clean ur desk and the dark places of your drawers. breakups are difficult but no one ever reported a death cause of a broken heart. but who knows.

  2. lol, sa7 plz come and tell him so 😀

  3. give him a couple of months and he will be saying it by himself. enjoy ur weekend.

  4. how was Ethos?
    like you, I used to love EuroDeli, but for the past year it became more and more deteriorated 😦
    from the rev iew, the place seems to be nice. it doesn’t have the same flavor of ED, but aho change, w esmena lessa fi degla 🙂

  5. Ethos is good, given how close to my work ya3ni…ever closer than ED, the atmosphere is great keda, bas el service bati2222222222222222222222a shwaya. Bas no open air w keda 😀

  6. that’s weird Ethos is like what,20 seconds from where i live..i definitly need to go have my eyesight checked because i never noticed it until today..seems like a really nice place compared to the hell-hole i usually go to for coffee “AKA Costa,MGM”..used to be nice and quiet at first and then…Egypt happened

  7. lol @ Egypt happened, unfortunately 3andak 7a2 😀
    I don’t like Costa el ganb MGM da khales :S. Give Ethos a shot mesh we7esh given how close it is to you.

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