Verbal Diarrhea

– Oh Lord, am seriously on the verge of killing someone.  K is still walking around talking nonsense to total strangers, well, they are not total strangers, they are people from work a.k.a colleagues, but colleagues are strangers, no!!  You don’t talk personal to colleagues (do you??), orrrrrrrr, you just talk about yourself, and you totally forget your ex-fiance coz a) your drama sucks and am not really proud of being part of it, b) it is none of anybody’s business.   

(Unfortunately I can’t yell -all the aforementioned- at him cause that’s exactly what he wants), he is pushing me to talk or do anything, and what am currently doing is the total opposite.  I am super silent, I just come to work quiet and I sometimes slip in unnoticed (boss is off w keda fa this is the perfect plan for me)and he wants more drama, he wants me to make a scene and am not gonna.  

Not only that but yesterday was a classic I came to figure that he is turning my friends against me, and I was like, what are you, 8!!! I wish this phase gets over with ba2a, this is super childish, I can’t really tolerate this anymore.  I don’t know what was I thinking when I said yes, no, I know, there was something about him extremely seductive but capricious. 

– I always thought that am a very simple, easy to get along with kinda person that people can read me like an open book, but lately, I came to understand eno some people don’t really think that am that easy to comprehend.  It is like sometimes we are talking, discussing something, or even when I pause silently keda in the middle of a conversation and people are like waiting for  a thought bubble over my head to understand what the hell am thinking. 

– On a separate note on someone I really miss: Some people have this talent of saying and doing the most incredible ^%&%%, and you know it is absolute crap, yet they get away with it. (Siggggggh)

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  1. I don’t know what to say or how to help. I didn’t read blogs since long ago but when I read K, I thought of the supermarket and it was correct 🙂

    I don’t know any details nor do I need to know any details because it annoys people sometimes.

    Nerro, I don’t think your friends will turn against you really. I guess you are an adorable person.

    The only beneficial words I heard from someone were: ‘People suck. People behavior suck’. Don’t forget this.

    I know the whole situation feels bad and you have nothing to do exceot living your normal life.

    You didn’t tell me until now, what do you want from here ? 🙂

  2. lol ya Mo 😀 I can almost hear you saying this.
    wala 7aga salamtak, bas yalla ta3ala ba2a 😀

  3. lel daragadi soty 3ali ? :P~~

  4. aywa 😀

  5. m3lishi ya nerro…..
    every single day passes, only proves that the one who said “men are babies” didn’t lie… didnt lie at all….

  6. hey hey hey..we are NOT babies,we just cling to our childhood a bit longer 😀 to watch Grendizer “man!..that doesn’t help to prove your point wrong”

    cheers,Nerro and Lasto..i hope you had a nice meal ya N

  7. Salaam Brave Nerro,

    I think you show great courage to take step to end relationship like you did. So many folks remain quiet and then enter into lives of discontent because they chose a wrong partner.

  8. Blue: they really are, sa7 gedan 😀

    Archangel: had a nice one. Grendizer da 2adeem awy ya commander!!! tab 2ool Mazenger

    Sue: la brave wala 7aga, I just know what I want. That’s the approach for finding a “del 7eita” not a life partner 😀

  9. i don’t know,i never liked Mazenger..Aphrodite kinda got on my nerves,she just goes up against the evil robot..fires two lame missiles “in 75% of the episodes she misses the the remaining 25% she hits and then the evil robot asks for a soda to down her missiles”,then gets the hell kicked out of her..Mazenger to the rescue,happily ever after

    very irritating,not to mention boring

    PS del 7eita!!..we are far more useful than this..for instance,we watch football and leave you gals to do whatever you like to do..wait a minute,you win ..that’s a del 7aita

  10. hmmm..3 whole days and no posts “scratches his arms and nervously paces around the room”

    I need my Nerro dose..NOW “kidding”

    I hope you are doing great,Queen Nerro “hmmm,strangely resembles Emperor Nero of Rome..this doesn’t bode well for the humble citizens of the Pink Planet”

  11. lol, “Emperor Nero of Rome” eih el zo3r el bete3melo lel sokkan da!!
    Am doing great but a bit lazy (contemplating my next vacation @ maseef bora-bora 😀 thanks for checking ya Commander.

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