Bed time stories!!! 3ali baba ba3d el dana

Ali Baba and Morgiana; my favourite couple as a kid not for anything more than their names. Wasn’t fond of their story though, it is kinda violent, never understood what’s cute about a lady killing guys “although theives” by pouring hot oil over them. Ewwwwwwww. I always thought of Morgiana more as a serial killer (if I may say).

I mean come on, follow the thread….at the beginning the gang killed Kasim at the cave, then tracked Ali Baba Down after discovering the disappearance of his brother’s body. In order to get rid of Ali Baba the theives manipulated him; the lead thief pretended to be an oil merchant in need for Ali Baba’s hospitality, brought mules loaded with 40 oil jars, one filled with oil, the other 39 with the other thieves. Brilliant Morgiana discovered the plan, and killed the 39 thieves in their oil jars by pouring boiling oil on them.

Of course the big guy “their leader” is still alive, so he proceeded with the killing plan…. later on he disguised as a merchant, befriended Ali Baba’s son and the son invited him to dinner at the dad’s house. Again Super Morgiana discovered the vicious plan and plunged a dagger into the thief’s heart while performing a dance infront of the diners.

Now what??? obnoxious!!! maybe….can’t hate it though, still has its own charm… ended up with “And they-the creepy couple- lived happily Everafter” how sweet!!!

Here is one more nice thing about this story… front of “you know” these hotels/malls automated doors…the type of thing that opens and closes whenever you approach, I used to do the “Open Sesame/Close Sesame” thing….mmm….am still doing it….but not as loud as I used to when I was younger…..usually the security person at the gate think that I am smiling to him/her….good perspective though 😉

Cinderella is another story.


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  1. LOL,now that’s an errrmmm “interesting” analysis of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves,but i can’t deny that Morgiana always resembled my dream wive..i mean,try to shift the story to would be an exotic beauty wearing a black Prada suit and wielding two silenced pistols with a silver finish..and probably driving a sunfire yellow Ferrari around town..AND she is killing to protect me!..what’s not to like, Although i would prefer it to be a lil more “Mr and Mrs Smith” with me joining in on the “fun”.

    Thanks for the dose and i hope you enjoy Bora Bora,Long Live Queen Nerro of The Pink Planet “the sound of your Praetorian Guard unsheathing their swords and cheering for you”..Pink swords abl ma tez3aly

  2. Again “Ali Baba” n “Cinderella” ? ya benty lel mara el million Morgiana is not a killer and Cinderella is not lame.
    Morgiana killed the bad guys … ba3dain it wasn’t mentioned that they were actually “killed” let’s say injured …fair enough they r thieves ya3ni mesh mo7eby el 2ashgar.
    Bas “the creepy couple- lived happily Everafter” was hilarious though 😀
    Cinderella ba2a… will leave it till u publish ur post.

  3. 🙂
    what an analysis!

  4. yep..there is a good cynic hidden inside our sweet Nerro.

    keep up the great posts,Nerro

    PS,i’ve been reading your blog recently,Nesrina and it’s great..good luck at work

  5. Thanks Archangel … I am honored 🙂

  6. honored marra wa7da..dana kedda 7asada2 nafsy we 7at3’ar..we 7amshy fel share3 2a2ool Nesrina 2alet “i am honored” 3ala el comment beta3y.

    thanks for your kind words ya Nesrina,it truly left a lingering smile on my face..i just hope no one else sees it because i’d like to keep my “heartless and aggressive” reputation at work..eb2o eb3atooly E-card men Bora Bora bass 😀

  7. Archangel: lol@ the pink are in the safe side buddy 😀
    Nesrina: Cinderella is super lame, and I explained that to you before :D. As for mo7eby el ashgar ba2a, fa neither ali baba nor morgiana were 😀
    Nousha: 😀 bas it is pretty much true

  8. i agree that Cinderella is lame..she is like the matriarch of airheads..but well,i like Morgiana “although i loved your cynical analysis” least she knew how to fend for herself..but why did she fall to such a coward as Ali is beyond me.

    It’s great to see your post,Queen Nerro

    PS. They have internet access in Bora Bora?..and where is my E-Card

  9. Actually bora-bora lessa shaghaleen fiha, fa we spent the time at the north coast ya3ni instead. Do they have cards there!! I wonder!!

  10. North coast,hmmm..mesh ma2amek ya Nerro..bass ma3lesh,ana 7asaha3’al el masageen night shifts 3ashan ye7’alaso el kobry elly mabeen Heliopolis we Bora Bora..they are just lazy,i mean it’s been a week and they only finished half of it!!!

  11. ????????? our project was kobry Maadi-Bora Bora el 3elwi!!! 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…ana arabt a3zelak men mansebak ya commander :S

  12. Eih dah eih dah..el 7a2 3alaya..7awelt a3melek el kobry men Helipolis direct badal mata7’dy el da2ery walla el autostrad,this is how you reward initiatives in the Pink Planet..bass ma3lesh,means to an end

  13. tab khalas matez3alsh, i will grant you a second chance “for the good will”
    bas probably i would go to bora bora on the weekends fa makes more sense eno aro7 directly from maadi 😀

  14. *calls off the military coup*..mashy,7atenzel el marra dee..ana ba7eb el film da awy,hmmm..akeed mesh 7a3raf ala2eeh 3ashan a3mello download

    7’alas ya betoo3 el mohandeseen we madeenet Nasr..meddo el kobry lel maadi

  15. I love it…oh “ebn 7amdio” & “esha3et 7ob” my favourite arabic movies for all times..”sigh”

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