Quotes and a thought.

“When do the dead die? When they are forgotten”

“When does love cease? When one begins to love anew”

“Sadness does not make good company; it numbs the soul”

                                                                              from The Law of Love, by Laura Esquivel



– I am craving a gi-normous colorful flowers bouquet, and a lamoona mekhalela


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  1. Very true,
    By the way, I posted Tamim’s ‘Fil-Quds’ poem in my blog lately (as a kind of support).

  2. very nice ya Nerro,

    and ermmm,flowers and lamoun me7’alel?..hmmm el osta uncle ezzat fe3lan

  3. loooooooooooool lamona me7’alela.

    I like basal me7’alel better 🙂

  4. Alaa: hey..long time no C, hope all is well at your side…yalla keep on supporting Tamim 😀

    Archangel: lol 😀 I love this sentence..and I can almost visual roshdy abaza saying it.

    Fadfadation: I love basal mekhalel awi…it is the best mekhalel ever.

  5. oh yeah *gets all arrogant and stuff”..i’ve been told that i look like Roshdy,..that’s the beauty of the internet,i can look like Ed Harris if i want to

    cheers ya Nerro..enjoy el basal wel lamoon,good morning

  6. eih el 3elaka bein el bouquet wel lamouna el mekhalela?? 🙂

  7. there was something monumentaly convincing back when I wrote it down bas mesh fakra delwa2ti 😀

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