A piece of my mind

– A few days ago I was checking my notifications on the infamous Face Book and I found that Nag tagged me as someone who would most likely be able to love as if she’s never been hurt before.  That being said, I wondered!! (not  that am taking it seriously awi, however, people really have the impression that I can effortlessly budge from one relation to another)  

But for me it is quite different, I just dig deep and find my dark box of secrets, we all have our boxes, no?

In case you do not have one or never heard of, It is a hypothetical box where I tend to burry all my bitter experiences, sore memories, awkward moments, tears, infinite number of hate emails and SMSes, etc.  I tend to keep the good moments alive, I don’t burry them, I keep them around me..close to both my heart and mind.  And I  just MOVE ON.


– I have been through many relations…and when I say relations, I do mean every single one, even the ones I had to go through without the blessings of the other party.  However, the question here is; have I ever (truly) loved someone?  To be perfectly honest, there is only one I know of (someone who wasn’t much of a morning person, it took him an hour to become himself’) but anywayz, he is that one that I went on without his blessings, I broke up with him although we were never together, and all I wanted to do is hold a grudge. Couldn’t though.  Now after 2 years I can claim we are friends, we’re not good friends but we’re friends… friendly… Friendish!!!


  * Swans look prettier in cartoons, they are a tad freaky in reality


Lately engaging myself in discussions became more of a burden.  People are becoming more intolerant and less receptive of  the other opinions. 

Whenever I start a conversation among any group of  people about a movie, incident, play, book, or a song, etc. the first thing you know it is a heated debate not a friendly discussion. However, debates have rules and all, but this kind of conversations usually get personal.  For a reason people tend to be rude and obscene to prove effective enthusiasm.  In any conversation  there always have to be affirmatives and negatives, that’s expected, but what I observe in such conversation is the lack of respect and understanding of the opposing opinion. I for one in favor of  any idea…which doesn’t mean that I would agree with it, but I respect it, I don’t ridicule it as I truly believe that  behind every single thought, idea, or opinion there is a very complicated process, and the outcome of this process differs according to the multiple and diverse ways of thinking.

 “There are many ways to categorize human beings,” she said.  “I separate them into those who become wrinkled up and those who wrinkle down, and I want to belong to the first group.  When I am old I want my face not to be sad.  I want to have laugh lines and take them with me to the other world. Because who knows what we’ll have to face there?” 
                                                                      From ”  from Women with Big Eyes by Angeles Mastretta

I go and you have a sun kissed day 😀

p.s: I love when someone tells me have a sun-kissed day or morning, the mental image of being kissed by the sun-metaphorically not literally- makes me meza2tata..quite fascinating (me thinks)! 😀

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  1. I think what ur friend meant ya Nermeena, is being capable to move on and not hold a grudge, and that is a blessing, many people, myself included, carry grudges and i’d pay 10 years of life to learn to live without a grudge towards someone who’s hurt me or a bad memory.

    And the conversations with people…ukh! I know exactly what u’re talking about, why are they defensive when I say I like a song? What are they trying to prove right or trying to prove wrong! Its a matter of taste and opinion!

    By the way, just the other day I changed my route back from the club and passed by the newly fenced garden in front of decorama… it looks very pretty now. I remembered ur post as soon as I noticed how changed it looked. Have a lovely Ramadan! 🙂

  2. Hey Deee, Ramadan Kareem 😀
    Yeah, I know that’s what she meant, bas it kinda triggered the thought.
    See, 3o2bal the rest of the gardens keda..you have a blessed ramadan.

  3. mesh adra a`olek ed eih I connected to this post, especially the 2nd paragraph

  4. […] 18 September, 2007 Posted by nousha in Lyrics, Thoughts. trackback I stole the title from Nerro 🙂 . Yaaah, it has been a very long time since I just wrote about what’s going on my mind. […]

  5. 😀 mmm..blame it on the Gemini that we are

  6. i meant what Dee said ya N.. give me the benefit of doubt 😉

  7. ya N I was contemplating the impression of others, not you, coz I know what you meant 😀

  8. p.s: I really liked it bas it stirred the thought mesh aktar. I think it is really good to be able to do that not quite easy ya3ni 😀

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